The Obligatory Birthday Post – 2010

14 04 2010

While it’s still quite fresh in my memory, here is a recap of my birthday, 2010 (AKA my 23rd birthday).

I was awake over midnight and so there were a few Mxit messages from various people, including Chris at 12:00:48 AM, Brian at 12:00:53 AM, and Caroline at 12:13:28 AM. Caroline also called at 00:00 and so she gets the prize for first birthday wish of 2010! Whoot.

From there: A list of who, how and when.

Caroline: 00:00, phonecall
Chris: 00:00:48, Mxit
Brian: 00:00:53, Mxit
Brian: 00:02, Facebook
Caroline: 00:13:25, Mxit
Caroline: 00:56, SMS
PlayStation 3 Forums: 07:01, Email
Andre (ex-boss): 08:21, phonecall
Kelly: 08:30, SMS
SANBS: 08:30, SMS
Caroline: 08:53, SMS
FNB: 09:14, SMS
Caro: 10:07, Facebook
Kyla: 10:47, Facebook
Donovan: 11:09, SMS
Greg, 11:43, Facebook
Caroline: 11:56, SMS
Stef: 12:13, Facebook
Peter: 12:31, Facebook
Brother Grant: 12:48, Facebook
Shaun: 13:00, Facebook
Brother Geoff: 13:10, SMS
Bianca: 13:40, Facebook
Amanda: 13:45, Facebook
Caroline: 14:15, SMS
Cousin Graham: 14:18, Facebook
Caroline: 17:01, Facebook
Jarryd: 17:04, Facebook
Caroline: 17:06, SMS
Fuzzy-Boots: 17:13, SMS
Tarryn: 17:15, SMS
Aunt: 17:54, phonecall
Philile: 18:34, Facebook
Other Aunt: 20:16, phonecall
Chris: 22:06, Facebook
Iranda: 23:01, Facebook
Alan: 23:11, SMS

Think that’s everyone. Sorry if I missed you!

All in all, I’d say there’s more birthday wishes this year than last. A few randoms who wished this year who didn’t last, and vice versa too.

So, I woke up pretty late, even though I set my alarm for earlier, I woke up momentarily and then went back to sleep. My ex-boss Andre phoned me in the morning, and I went back to sleep til bout 11 or so. Then, I played a bit of Guitar Hero 5 which arrived when I ordered it a few weeks back, and it was awesome. Afterwards, I went to lunch with George to McDonalds, where we discovered that they had raised their prices! Ripoff!

Anyway, we finished lunch and went home. To separate homes I mean. And then … Caroline came, and we had coffee and cake. And I had to finish up my freelancing work, and so I wrote my article while she arbed on the bed.

Supper was in interesting affair. I wore my new suit and got everyone else to suit up too. Everyone else including my brother and his GF, Caroline and the parents. Restaurant was Giovanni Rigatone at Banbury Crossing, where they have no set pizzas on the menu: you have to build everything yourself. It was really awesome, and the fact that everyone else was suited up was a nice touch.

Ooh, the pizza I made had: spicy chicken, bacon, onion and pepperdew. It was awesome. I don’t know what everyone else had, but it was pretty awesome.

Finally: a list of the presents I got. Yay presents!

  • God of War III Ultimate Collector’s Edition
  • An awesome suit (Suit up!)
  • A bar of chocolate
  • A book of humourous internet-isms.
  • Guitar Hero 5 (ordered myself a few weeks back and happened to arrive 13 April)
  • Brutal Legend (same as Guitar Hero 5)

Birthday Roundup 2009

16 04 2009

Ok, herewith a roundup of my 22nd birthday, being that it occured on Monday 13 April 2009.

Staying awake over midnight, a few people get the first wishes in as the clock strikes. George especially, just as the clock ticks over, gets the first wish this year. A few minutes later, my girlfriend phones. I then log onto Facebook, expecting a huge swamp of well-wishes, but there is only a little notice from the Facebook team. Kinda lame.

Not quite as exciting as last year, I still had a really good time. It helped that it was on a public holiday, so everybody was at home, and I didn’t have to go to varsity and what-not.

Ok, a breakdown of the activities. Um, breakfast with George, after waking up and getting present/wishes/hugs etc. from parents. We went to Cappuchino’s at Northgate and it was AWESOME! (Incidentally, the same place we went to for supper, but more on that later).Then we arbed around Northgate for a bit, looking at stuff. Haha. Came home, played Fallout 3 until afternoon.

Girlfriend arrived, we unwrapped the present (was in about 50 different boxes, each smaller and smaller and within the larger boxes) and then had cake and Mountain Dew. Then we played Guitar Hero until it was time to go to dinner. As previously mentioned, I decided on Cappuchino’s Northgate, and it was awesome. I had the most amazing club sandwich. WOW it was amazing. I even had some left over which I had the next day and it was still amazing! Haha, everybody seemed to be quite impressed with the place, the menu choice and the quality of the food. The only downside was due to it being Monday night and a public holiday, there wasn’t very many people, and so the atmosphere felt a little dead. But it was still amazing.

And then we went home, had coffee and more cake (wow we had the most amazing cakes. My mom bought a chocolate cherry cake, and a batch of chocolate brownies, and my GF brought 9 chocolate cupcakes from her mom. Very awesome.), and then just basically sat around and chatted until it was time for the GF to leave.

Um … after that, I think I just sat around on the PC as I usually do and just savoured the last few hours of my birthday. Can’t wait for 13 April 2010!

Brief rundown of the gifts:

  • Money from parents.
  • HD monitor from brother Grant.
  • Wireless keypad for PS3 from Caroline.
  • ? <More to come still?>

And, as with last year, a list of who wished me, how, and when.

  1. 12:00. George, via Mxit.
  2. 12:03. Caroline, via phonecall.
  3. 12:34. Brian, via Mxit.
  4. 7:17. The South African National Blood Service, via SMS.
  5. 8:45. Parents, in person.
  6. 09:00. Alan, via phonecall.
  7. 09:02. Brian, via Facebook.
  8. 9:14. First National Bank, vis SMS.
  9. 9:18. Brother Geoff, via phone.
  10. 09:28. My one aunt, via phonecall.
  11. 09:29. Chris, via Facebook.
  12. 09:30. Kelly, via Facebook.
  13. 09:53. Justin, via Facebook.
  14. 10:04. Tarryn, via Facebook.
  15. 10:10. Caroline, via Facebook. (Also dedicated a status to me).
  16. 10:14. Caroline, via SMS.
  17. 10:55. Kyla, via Facebook.
  18. 12:42. Donovan, via SMS.
  19. 12:47. Greg, via Facebook. (Also dedicated a status to me).
  20. 12:53. My other aunt, via phonecall.
  21. 12:55. Brother Grant, in person.
  22. 13:40. Katrina, via Facebook.
  23. 15:35. My boss Andre, via phonecall.
  24. 16:50. Shaun, via Facebook.
  25. 19:14. Calla, via Facebook.
  26. 19:21. Brother Geoff, in person.
  27. 19:21. Brother Geoff’s GF, Nikki, in person.
  28. 21:31. Caroline’s Mom, via SMS.
  29. 22:00. Vinny, via Mxit.
  30. 23:58. Caroline again, via SMS.
  31. 14 April. Jimmy, via Facebook.
  32. 15 April. My uncle, in person.

Well, if you want to make the list next year, get those wishes in early, and often, for multiple credit 🙂

My Birthday

14 04 2008

Well, today was my birthday. The big 21. And it was awesome. First, let me tell you about my day, step by step.

Well, on Saturday night, my friends and I went out to this nightclub called Truth. It wasn’t as full as it normally is, probably due to the weather, which was overcast and I think it had rained earlier. But anyway, it was still awesome, despite being emptier than usual. Needless to say we enjoyed our car bar, which I had bought earlier (Spiced Gold and Romanov Vodka with Pepsi, MIranda and 7Up mixers). So yes, I raved in my 22nd year of life at Truth.

Then, we got home at about 3:30 or so on the morning of my birthday. I went to bed and fell asleep almost instantly. Woke up at about 11:20 or so, and did the whole happy birthday thing with my family. Gifts were exchanged, which I will get to in a bit. After having a piece of the awesomest chocolate cake ever for breakfast, we sat around and watched South Africa lose against India in the cricket, until about 13:00, when we left for my birthday lunch, at the Cattle Baron at Clearwater Lifestyle Crossing, a shopping center in Little Falls. Oh yes, before I forget, before we left my friend Peter came over and dropped off his present for me. Very cool that he made the effort to drop it off personally on my birthday and all. Respect to him.

My dad had gone to fetch my grandmother, and we met my brother and his girlfriend there as well. After ordering some starters (stuffed mushrooms, venison on crackers and calamari rings – mmmm), we put in our main course orders. Before those arrived, however, the manager came over and told us about this special promotion that they were having: for every certain number of Appletizers or Grapetizers that we ordered, we would get some free stuff. Ha ha ha, everybody loves free stuff. So at the end of the meal, we had gotten an Appletizer T-Shirt, an Appletizer cap, an Appletizer bar of soap, Appletizer shower gel, Appletizer body butter and an awesome Appletizer cooler bag. Free stuff! Yay!

Anyway, then the main courses came. I had ordered the special, which was a 200g sirloin steak, which came with 250g of prawns. Yes, I realise the irony of ordering seafood in a steakhouse, but I knew from experience that they would be awesome. And of course, they were awesome. Everybody else ordered their respective dishes, and a great time was had by all. At least, they all said that they enjoyed their food.

From there we went home and had more cake (after allowing some time for the food to settle of course). Then it was sitting around a bit more, talking, watching TV, and just generally enjoying the lazy Sunday afternoon. At about 7, after playing some Guitar Hero III with my brother, my other friend Brian came over and we went up to McDonalds for ice-creams, although I ended up getting a double cheeseburger, which was good, but was nothing compared to the amazing lunch I had had earlier… Anyway, we chatted for a while there, before he came back to my house to get his ass handed to him in Guitar Hero.

After Brian had left, I had some coffee and just kinda spent the rest of the day at the PC, saying thanks to everybody who had wished me on Facebook, and just generally savouring the last remaining hours of my birthday. Oh yes, I watched quite a few episodes of My Name is Earl as well, and that’s what I was doing when my birthday ended. Besides that, I was also chatting with some people who were online at the same time.

All in all, a really awesome day. Thanks once again to all people who gave gifts, sent wishes and congratulations and thought about me. Ok, so here’s the final gift tally, not counting the one other gift that I know is definitely still coming from my other friend Tarryn (I think it’s going to be a DVD, watch this space) – I’ll add that as an edit when I receive it.

  • From Brian – A collection of Monty Python’s favourite sketches, as chosen by the original members of Monty Python.
  • From my parents – Money, a book: The Return of the South African Insult, a certificate, certifying that I am”undeniably gob-smackingly gorgeous amazingly fabtastic utterly brilliant all the time just smashin’ and is just generally the nicest bestest person ever in the entire history of everything who is 21″, and a card.
  • From my grandmothers – Money and a card.
  • From Peter – A Look & Listen gift voucher.
  • From my brother, Geoff – A Look & Listen gift voucher.
  • **EDIT** – From Tarryn – A book: The Hero With A Thousand Faces and a chocolate key.

Ok so here’s a list (because I’m in the mood for lists), of all the people who sent me birthday wishes, either in person, by sms, MSN, phonecall or on Facebook.

  • By SMS – Tarryn (00:04). Brian (06:53). The South African National Blood Service (07:02). First National Bank (09:15). Brian’s parents (09:58). Matthew (10:49). My one aunt (12:20). George (20:03).
  • By Phone – My other aunt (12:50)
  • In Person – Donovan, Alan, Peter (twice, on two separate occasions), My dad, My mom, My brother Grant, My brother Geoff, My brother’s Girlfriend Nikki, My grandmother, Brian.
  • On MSN – Donovan, Greg (who was not aware that it was my birthday, he loses points for me having to remind him.)
  • On Facebook – Tarryn (12:11). Adrian (05:59). Tina (8:24). My brother Grant (10:43). Calla (13:35). Ingrid (15:56). Maria (16:18). Kelly (19:22). Bianca (20:00).

Thanks once again to all of the above people! And to all those who didn’t wish me … you suck.

Wish list!

10 10 2007

Well with Christmas a mere 75 days away, I figured that now is as good a time as any to post a wishlist of all the cool stuff that I would ideally like to get for Christmas and / or my Birthday. (Hint Hint, I’m turning 21 on the 13th of April…) Ok here we go, the list, in no particular order:



Best of Monty Python’s Flying Circus


Blades of Glory




Complete Fawlty Towers

Family Guy (Any Series)

Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children

How I Met Your Mother Season 1

How I Met Your Mother Season 2

The Matrix

My Family (Any Series)

My Name Is Earl Season 1

My Name Is Earl Season 2

Old School

Super Troopers



Games: (PS2)

God of War II

Guitar Hero Extra Guitar

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts 2

Ratchet & Clank 2

Ratchet & Clank 3

Ratchet: Gladiator

Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008


Hero With a Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell

We Caught You Plotting Murder – Andrew Schwab

Do Not Disturb – Andrew Schwab

Random Electronics:

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse

New PC (Including Motherboard, Ram, Processor, Graphics Card, Harddrive, Case, PSU, Soundcard)

19″ LCD Screen


Project 86 – Project 86

Project 86 – Rival Factions

Project 86 – I Want Something You Have (DVD)

Underoath – 777 (DVD)

P.O.D. – Greatest Hits

P.O.D. – Satellite Special Edition

Erica Elle – Every Beat

Skillet – Comatose

The Almost – Southern Weather

Dead Poetic – New Medicines

Dead Poetic – Vices

Metallica S&M (DVD)

Other Random Stuff:


Nintendo Wii

Sony PS3

Microsoft XBox 360

EDIT — T-Shirts and Hoodies of the following bands: Project 86, Underoath, Dead Poetic. Basically anything that you can find on Zambooie, but not from there, because their shipping has issues shipping to South Africa.

Oh yes and one final thought … most of this stuff can be bought online at Take2, if you can’t find them anywhere else.

Well I’m just trying to think what else I would want. I suppose I will add to this blog or write a new one if I think of something really amazing that needs to be added right away. Until then…

EDIT — Oh before I got, let me quickly introduce a new site I have just created – “Bet This Is Original” Reviews! Basically this will be where all my reviews of whatever will go, head on over to to see what’s going on.