English Premier League madness

10 04 2009

Why do so many people support the English Premier League (EPL)? You know, all these rabid Manchester United or Liverpool or Arsenal supporters. (Side note, isn’t it funny how you never hear of any other team aside from those three? Are all the other teams just totally crap that they don’t even have vocal fans in South Africa? Anyway, I digress…).

So there is a lot of these people who support an arbitrary league of teams that they have no personal connection to and are rabidly defensive of their team (and rabidly proud of their hatred for the other teams), while at the same time worshipping the very players that they have no hope of ever meeting or even being close to. Hmmm … is it just me who sees how stupid that is?

I mean, honestly, what is the attraction in doing this? Do these people want to feel like a part of something greater than themselves? There are a lot more clubs they can join that make a lot more sense. And I mean, if you are really such a soccer (football, whatever you want to call it, it’s the same thing) fan, why don’t you support the local Premier Soccer League (PSL). Is everybody too racist to watch 22 black people kick a ball around? “Oh no, it has to be a bunch of white people, else they are not good enough to watch.”
<Those last two sentences was a joke by the way>

Ok, let’s assume that everybody who watches and supports EPL has very valid reasons for doing so. Maybe they are originally from that area/country and feel a sense of pride in supporting the old homeland. And that’s fine. By all means. If you just like the team and want to feel part of it, however, you are a joiner, with no clear reasons for supporting the team, except that everybody else is doing it? I don’t know. Personally I don’t see any attraction or reason for it.

So, in protest, I think I am going to start supporting a foreign sport league for no good reason. And what better sport than the absurdity of Aussie Rules Football? Seriously, the sport has 3 different scores at the end of the game. And 18 players per side. And a round field. I love it. Who’s with me? I’m gonna be reading up on the sport to get a general idea of the rules and the teams, and hopefully the next time somebody tries to talk to me about the EPL I will be able to respond in kind about the beauty of Aussie Rules Football. Who’s with me??


Pop music lifespan

7 04 2009

Innovation drives any industry. In the music industry, especially in the pop music (for this blog, pop music means anything you will find on the top 40 chart of any radio station), it seems that innovation is non-existent. All that matters in the pop music industry is the constant production of new music. It doesn’t necessarily have to be good music, as long as it has high production values and is marketed well, it will succeed.

Let me give an example to back up my insane rantings. If you look at another style of music, say … hardcore, you will notice that new albums are released at a much slower rate than the pop industry. With pop, music changes every week basically, depending on what’s “hot” at the time.

In comparison, let’s look at Metallica. They released a few albums back in the day, and they are classics. I mean ask anybody and they will tell you that they still listen to The Black Album even today. And that was released a good couple of years ago. It has staying power. As a pop example of what’s hot at the moment, will anybody remember Lady Gaga’s Pokerface in a few months time? Nope it will be gone from the collective memory, replaced by another generic song that sounds very similar. And in a few years time, when Lady Gaga releases a new hit CD, will anybody remember Pokerface? Doubtful.

I mean, look at other previously famous pop acts. The Spicegirls? Backstreet Boys? 5ive? Even Avril Lavigne has faded from memory.

Maybe it’s just me? Are there any people out there who still listen to The Spicegirls?

Teeny Gothers

4 04 2009

Last night I went out, and noticed a crowd of young people (Damn I sound old when I say that) who couldn’t have been older than 15 or 16. I don’t know how they got into a place where alcohol is served, but that’s a rant for another time.

Their appearance was reminiscent of proper goths, IE wearing all black, dyed hair and other goth like paraphernalia. They were like the anti-teenboppers of yesteryear, or even today’s modern teenybopper. What do I mean by “teenybopper”? Well basically any young teenage girl who follows the popular music, worships Zac Efron (or whoever’s hot these days) and has lots of posters of boybands and teen heartthrobs like the Jonas Brothers on their walls. Thus, I have created a new term for these anti-teenyboppers: The Teenygother.

A teenygother is identifiable by their unusual obsession with the colour black, anything to do with Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride, and other cutesy things that deal with death and other morbid topics. Their love of the colour black is offset by other colours that they use to accentuate the darkness, such as reds, dark blues etc. They will never be seen wearing just black.

Other identifiable traits include the overuse of short skirts (black of course) and long socks, often in multi-colours, red streaks in black hair, a skater boyfriend on their arm (also trying to look hardcore, maybe with a spike wristband), and of course being in a pack of other teenygothers who all look pretty similar.

Of course, teenygothers are usually not the “cool kids”. No, they are the aformentioned modern teenyboppers. So the teenygothers feel like outcasts, and they all wear the same things to show how different they are.

Music-wise, teenygothers enjoy the “harder” side of the radio. And emo bands of course. I’m talking about bands like Dashboard Confessionals, Funeral for a Friend, Rise Against, Billy Talent and possibly Bullet For My Valentine. Of course, deep down they all love High School Musical and Lady Gaga’s new hit, but they won’t admit that for all the black hair dye in South Africa.


20 03 2009

It’s 4:12. That’s 04:12. 4:12 AM. In the morning. It’s dark, and most people are asleep. But what am I doing? I’m sitting at my computer, because I can’t get to sleep. Ridiculous. Why can’t I sleep? I want to sleep. I want to sleep so badly.

It just started raining now. I can hear the raindrops falling. It’s rather soothing, and I hope that maybe it will help in my quest to fall asleep? Doubt it though. Ok, enough boring nonsense. I’m off to bed. Hopefully I will actually get to sleep now. Wish me luck. And I hope everybody reading this got a good night’s sleep. Because I didn’t.

PS. Is it just me or does my writing style suffer when I’m unable to sleep? Seems very disjointed and blocky. Oh well.

Here’s a related poll. Fill it in. Just for fun.

Driving and Sneezing

5 02 2009

So every time I drive, and every time I sneeze, lately, I’ve been thinking…

What is the legal status of sneezing while driving? I mean, let’s say for a minute that you have a sudden sneezing fit, and sneeze like ten times in a row in rapid succession. That’s about five seconds that your eyes are closed and you are unable to control your vehicle. Now, what happens if somebody decides to jump in front of you while you are sneezing. Or not even jump in front, but happens not to see you and walks into your path. If your eyes were open you could have been able to avoid him, but they weren’t, because you were sneezing.

Would you still be liable for the death of the pedestrian? I mean, sneezing is an uncontrollable reflex, and can’t be helped or stopped. And everybody knows that it’s impossible to keep your eyes open during a sneeze. So would the defense, in court, of “I was sneezing” be legal and valid? Or does the law expect you to slow down and take neccessary precautions if you feel a sneeze coming?

Interesting. Thoughts? Any legal experts read this blog and feel like giving a professional opinion? Haha.

False Modesty

1 02 2009

When somebody gives us a compliment, we as human beings generally try to downplay the compliment. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed from personal experience and observations.

As I say, this is from my personal experience. Maybe I’m just broken and don’t know how to take a compliment. Anyway, it usually goes like:

Friend: Mike your blog is awesome and I love it.
Mike: Ah come on, it’s not that good.
Friend: No really, I really enjoy reading it, its very well written and insightful.
Mike: Nobody ever reads it.
Friend: I read it, and I love it.
Mike: Wow, one whole person.
Friend: Ag, fine whatever. Last time I try and give you a compliment.

A fairly possible conversation, as in I can see it happening.

Is it just me who tried to downplay compliments, as if I am not worthy of them somehow or do other people experience it too? Let me know?

Forward Motion

29 01 2009

We are all striving towards something. We all have goals, hopes, dreams that we one day hope to achieve. But getting to these dreams from where we are right now is difficult. There are obstacles in the way that impede our progress. What is your dream? Maybe it’s to become a famous author. What is standing in your way? The fact that you are studying a BCom degree? Just in case, so you have something to fall back on

When we are young, like little kids, life is so simple. Everything we want physically is taken care of, meals, shelter, transport. I think that’s why little kids are so full of dreams: they don’t have to worry about taking care of the physical, so they are able to project themselves forward into their dream carreers. When have you ever heard a little kid saying “I want to be an actuary” or “I wish I could someday become an accountant for a big firm”. No, with little kids it’s always the most amazing jobs, astronauts, doctors, lawyers, firemen. Ok, in reality, some of those jobs are not that glamorous, but as little kids, nobody knows or cares about the realities of these jobs.

So what changes as we get older? Well, as we get older and older, we get more and more responsibility. Our parents generally let us have more independence and this leads to more responsibility such as buying our own clothing, for example. And thus, we need to get part-time jobs to afford these things. And let’s face it, I don’t think anybody dreams of being a waitron as a little kid, but it is something that needs to be done.

I guess what I’m saying is that unless we make a concerted effort to hold onto our dreams tightly, life is going to trample us and leave us broken by the curbside. Ok, that’s a really harsh way of putting it, but come on, I think it’s a fairly apt metaphor?

Forward motion is what propels us toward our dreams. By holding onto them, we are able to withstand the realities that hold us back from our dreams. What is your dream? What are you striving toward? Or what were you striving toward? Maybe it is time to pick your old dream up again and dust it off and start striving again. Just a suggestion.

Me? What am I striving for? Hmmm, well I have been thinking tonight, and I just want to do a job that I love and earn enough to live comfortably. What job do I love. Well I was thinking, and aside from the obvious getting into the gaming industry somehow, like reviewer, possibly getting involved in the game creation process would also be cool. Possibly as a game designer, or lead story writer or something of the like. That would be amazing.

Another option which I have always been fascinated by (at least since I heard the term about two years ago) is that of a “coolhunter”. Essentially, a CoolHunter’s job is to keep on the cutting edge of the youth demographic and do research in whatever way to discover what is “cool”, to aid in advertising. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It does to me.

Anyway, that’s my post. Been a while hasn’t it. As usual, comments to the usual place.