29 10 2009

What’s this? A new post? On Michael’s blog? No … can’t be. Must be some sort of mistake. Or maybe my eyes are deceiving me? Or I’m going crazy.

No friends, its none of those things. You really are reading another post, right here on Bet This Is Original.

Yes, yes, I know that it has been exactly a month since my last post, and quite frankly, that is shocking. No reason for it, except lack of motivation. So while it may seem bad that I only get around to posting every month, it probably is.

Now, I could go on and say that I’m going to try and post more regularly, but honestly, I don’t think it is going to happen. I mean I will try, but no promises, and history would seem to be against me anyway. Lol.

So, once more, let me fill you in on the latest happenings in my life.

I’m currently writing my final exams for my degree. And I mean final, final … like final. Ever. No more exams after these 4 brief ones. Hahaha brief, when in reality each will probably have me desperately scribbling nonsense on paper for three hours.

After I finish my exams (I am quite confident that I will pass them), I will be unemployed. Lol, strange to say it but it’s true. I have applied for an internship thing, and it would be awesome if I got it, but I am trying not to get my hopes up in that respect. I don’t want to be disappointed.

I’m not even sure when I will know if my tentative plans for next year will happen or not. Some person who came to pitch it to us at varsity mentioned something about mid-January? But they still have to do interviews etc. and the thing starts in February, so that might be wrong.

Anyway, the internship will comprise 3 months in Cape Town, doing some kind of classes, I think they said. And then after that 7 months will be back in Johannesburg, where we will be working at either The Star or The Pretoria News. Could be interesting.

Hmmm … what else is news? Oh I am apparently part of the management now over at NoMoreGameBlogs. I’ve got a meeting at 5am this morning, where my boss will be showing me how to use the new features that I will be in charge of. <rolls eyes> I’m sure a Powerpoint slideshow via email would have worked just as well.

So yes. That is a brief update on my life. I want to say tune in again soon (not another month’s time) for more thrilling posts, but I don’t want to be labelled a liar when I don’t deliver. So! I guess I’ll see when you I see you (metaphorically speaking of course).


Target Audience

7 08 2009

In all things, one must identify one’s target audience, and then appeal to that audience. This is the way that everything works, from business to charity. Businesses would wither if they simply provided their product without having any idea who was buying and who they should be appealing to and persuading to buy. Those begger children/women with children/blind people at the intersection have to have a good idea of what makes people give them money, or they would starve.

It is thusly that I have come to a conclusion. This blog is never going to be popular. It will never have enough visitors that I will be able to write a book (see: MushyPeas) or even enough to earn me money. This blog that you are now visiting will primarily be a way for you (my loyal readers) to hear my rantings, ravings, theories, observations and anything else I care to post here.

And I’m fine with that.

If you guys are willing to keep on reading my nonsense, I’m going to keep on writing it.

The Dearth

21 06 2009

So it’s been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that, my whole loyal (?) readership of three people. I’m going to blame it squarely on exams … I don’t know what everybody else’s excuse is, because there seems to have been a general lack of updates from most of the blogs I follow. Yes, you know who I’m talking about … *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*

But, exams are now over. Finished this past Friday, and man am I glad to be on holiday. All pretty tough exams, but I’m fairly confident that I passed them all, so that’s good.

Sorry this post isn’t very exciting. It’s 01:30, and I’m a little tired. I do have some interesting news that you may or may not find interesting.

I am now a contributing writer / editor for a small American based gaming blog called “No More Game Blogs“. Still getting started, but there’s some interesting opinions posted already, and I’ve got two articles posted. So go check that out if you get time.

Otherwise, I’m thinking of starting something new on Bet This is Original Reviews. It’s basically a limited word review, like maybe 10 or 20 words? The point is to get the post count up and ensure more regularly updated content. What do you good people think about that? Would you care? Does it affect you?

I’m alive.

15 12 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.

Wish I could say I’m working on new stuff, but honestly, I’m not right now.

What I’ve been up to recently:

  • Christmas shopping
  • Guitar Hero: World Tour
  • Been playing Burnout Paradise online a lot lately. Quite fun.
  • Sleeping
  • Seeing friends
  • And of course, the GF.

So yeah, that’s about it.

Hope to update this page soon. In the meantime, check out my friend’s new post at Haphazard Rambling.

P.S. What did they do to WordPress? Wow, different!

Protected: Blog Self Censorship

30 06 2008

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Michael’s Theory on Blog Post Strength

22 05 2008

Well here we go with another theory that I came up with. Maybe I should start a new blog: Hmmm, maybe when I get enough readers to warrant it. 😉

What makes a good blog post? Is it the amount of readers that you receive? The traffic? The people? No, I believe that a good post is measured entirely by the amount of comments you receive. Why do I say this? Read on…

Readers is not a reliable measure of a blog’s strengths, because most readers (at least if you judge by the search engine terms that led them to your blog), are not there to read every word that you have written.  No, most people who come to your blog by search engine are just looking for something that has nothing to do with your blog, or are just there to read the few words that you wrote which correspond to their search. A classic example of this is the movie review of John Tucker Must Die which I wrote (, which receives an enormous number of people searching for “teen thong” and getting results for that page simply because of the picture which I grabbed from Wikipedia or because I mention the word “thong” in the review. (Incidentally, this post will probably receive a lot of traffic as well, by sheer virtue of me having mentioned “teen thong”. Oh well).

Let’s be honest, these people are not looking for a review on a movie. They are looking for something else entirely, and therefore will not be staying longer than it takes the page to load to leave. In other words, a totally useless visit, and one which does nothing for the blog, except to artificially inflate the numbers.

Another way which is used to evaluate a blog’s strength (not an individual post however) is the method which Google uses, that of the number of links to the page. So if a lot of internet users are linking to your page, it will be ranked as more important by Google’s web spiders, which I suppose seems fair. When people see something which they like, they are more likely to link to it, quote it, tell other people about it in their own blogs etc. However, this does not really help with judging the strength of individual posts.

The best, most accurate way to judge a post’s strength is that of comments. It takes a really passionate post to reach out and touch people enough to actually write a comment on a post, so you either need to market your blog very carefully to just the right audience or write a post so general or useful that a lot of people feel the urge to post a comment. Incidentally, this approach is known as the “shotgun approach” – where you “fire” the same message out to a large audience of people and hope that you hit at least some of them.

Therefore, to judge the relative strength of a specific blog post, we can make the assumption that each unique visitor to post a comment will correlate to a measure of a post’s strength. Even if one has multiple regular visitors (IE friends, relatives, co-workers etc.) which one has persuaded to read one’s blog, chances are that not all of them will comment on every single post. Even with a captive audience such as these people, it still requires a good post to motivate them to comment. Unless of course, you are haranguing them to comment on each and every post, in which case, please stop because it is annoying.

For example, a post which receives no comments has failed, for one or other reason. A post with 2 people arguing with each other for 10 posts each counts as two direct responses to the post, and therefore it is mildly successful. And so it increases until it reaches critical mass, the point whereby any new comments are no longer referring to the original post, and merely to the comments on that post.

This phenomenon is usually observed in forums and blogs where fanboys hang out. A news item is posted, and the slavering pack of fanboys descend on it, commenting on the news. It reaches a point, however, where they no longer address the post itself, and instead resort to fighting one another’s beliefs, viewpoints, sexual orientation and religion. This level changes depending on the popularity of the blog, and is unique to each blog.

Therefore, the more unique comments that a specific post attracts, which are in a direct response to the post itself, the stronger a post can be said to be.