The Obligatory Birthday Post – 2010

14 04 2010

While it’s still quite fresh in my memory, here is a recap of my birthday, 2010 (AKA my 23rd birthday).

I was awake over midnight and so there were a few Mxit messages from various people, including Chris at 12:00:48 AM, Brian at 12:00:53 AM, and Caroline at 12:13:28 AM. Caroline also called at 00:00 and so she gets the prize for first birthday wish of 2010! Whoot.

From there: A list of who, how and when.

Caroline: 00:00, phonecall
Chris: 00:00:48, Mxit
Brian: 00:00:53, Mxit
Brian: 00:02, Facebook
Caroline: 00:13:25, Mxit
Caroline: 00:56, SMS
PlayStation 3 Forums: 07:01, Email
Andre (ex-boss): 08:21, phonecall
Kelly: 08:30, SMS
SANBS: 08:30, SMS
Caroline: 08:53, SMS
FNB: 09:14, SMS
Caro: 10:07, Facebook
Kyla: 10:47, Facebook
Donovan: 11:09, SMS
Greg, 11:43, Facebook
Caroline: 11:56, SMS
Stef: 12:13, Facebook
Peter: 12:31, Facebook
Brother Grant: 12:48, Facebook
Shaun: 13:00, Facebook
Brother Geoff: 13:10, SMS
Bianca: 13:40, Facebook
Amanda: 13:45, Facebook
Caroline: 14:15, SMS
Cousin Graham: 14:18, Facebook
Caroline: 17:01, Facebook
Jarryd: 17:04, Facebook
Caroline: 17:06, SMS
Fuzzy-Boots: 17:13, SMS
Tarryn: 17:15, SMS
Aunt: 17:54, phonecall
Philile: 18:34, Facebook
Other Aunt: 20:16, phonecall
Chris: 22:06, Facebook
Iranda: 23:01, Facebook
Alan: 23:11, SMS

Think that’s everyone. Sorry if I missed you!

All in all, I’d say there’s more birthday wishes this year than last. A few randoms who wished this year who didn’t last, and vice versa too.

So, I woke up pretty late, even though I set my alarm for earlier, I woke up momentarily and then went back to sleep. My ex-boss Andre phoned me in the morning, and I went back to sleep til bout 11 or so. Then, I played a bit of Guitar Hero 5 which arrived when I ordered it a few weeks back, and it was awesome. Afterwards, I went to lunch with George to McDonalds, where we discovered that they had raised their prices! Ripoff!

Anyway, we finished lunch and went home. To separate homes I mean. And then … Caroline came, and we had coffee and cake. And I had to finish up my freelancing work, and so I wrote my article while she arbed on the bed.

Supper was in interesting affair. I wore my new suit and got everyone else to suit up too. Everyone else including my brother and his GF, Caroline and the parents. Restaurant was Giovanni Rigatone at Banbury Crossing, where they have no set pizzas on the menu: you have to build everything yourself. It was really awesome, and the fact that everyone else was suited up was a nice touch.

Ooh, the pizza I made had: spicy chicken, bacon, onion and pepperdew. It was awesome. I don’t know what everyone else had, but it was pretty awesome.

Finally: a list of the presents I got. Yay presents!

  • God of War III Ultimate Collector’s Edition
  • An awesome suit (Suit up!)
  • A bar of chocolate
  • A book of humourous internet-isms.
  • Guitar Hero 5 (ordered myself a few weeks back and happened to arrive 13 April)
  • Brutal Legend (same as Guitar Hero 5)



2 responses

14 04 2010

Hey man, sounds like a great birthday 🙂

15 04 2010

What a fantabulous day!!

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