Urban Dictionary Meme

14 08 2009

Ok you can clearly see that I have an assignment to do, and hence you all get another meme blog that I ripped off a friend’s Facebook.

Rules: Go to http://www.urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following ten questions. Post the first definition it gives you.

1. What is your name?

A very cool guy who makes everyone laugh. Once you meet him, you will want to be his friend right away. He is super cute and very good-looking. He has amazing taste…in music, clothes, food, everything. Every girl secretly wishes that he could be her boyfriend…mainly because he recently broke up with his girlfriend…mainly because everyone knows that he likes commitment…mainly because he is sweet and knows how to treat a girl…mainly because however strange and wierd he may be, he’s perfect. In his own little way, he is perfect.
Michael a very cool person.

2. How old are you?

1) A .22 caliber handgun
2) Any rim that measures 22 inches in size
3) Slang term used for women to let you know they are prostitutes.
1) Don’t tote no 22’s
2) Magnum cost me 22, sat it on them 22’s
3) Lil mama super thick, she say she 22

(All examples from Rick Ross’ Hustlin)

3. What is one of your friends’ names?

1. A guy who’s heart is captured by the same girl always yet lives his life as if she didn’t exist when she’s not around.
2. Term for the best guy friend conversationalist. Someone you can vent to an actually get feedback and opinions.
3. A reliable “lean on me” kinda friend
1. “God, he’s really in denial about that girl—he’s acting like a Brian.”
2. She thanked him for listening and named him her Brian.
3. “You’ve been such a Brian to me since I met you. Thanks for always being there for me.”

4. What should you be doing?

A piece of work you cannot be botherd to do
Fuck it, it’s just another assignment.

Although I preferred the third definition:

Something that is relatively important, but you will still leave it till the last minute and complete it the night before it’s due in, armed with dangerous amounts of caffeine and sweets, in a major panic. However, you will still feel cheated if you don’t get an awesome grade, although you may pretend to be fine with it.

They usually have word limits, which are a total bitch to adhere to – if it isn’t too short it’ll be miles too long.

They will produce much bitching and complaining and procrastinating (bubbleshooter.net is a particularly good tool for this).

The one positive thing about them perhaps, is the sheer feeling of relief that occurs when the last word is typed and all word counts are adhered to. Who cares if it makes sense or answers the question?! It’s finished. The only feeling quite like it is that wonderful feeling that occurs when you finally go to the toilet after being desperate for ages.


2. “This assignment is a total bitch! I mean seriously, what the hell?! It’s not even useful!”

3. “I deserved a better grade than THAT!!!”

4. I am procrastinating right now, as I have a 1500 word assignment due in in about 10 hours, and I’ve only written 250 words. I have a massive mug of coffee at the ready!

5. What is your favourite colour?

The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.
The sky is blue

6. Where were you born?

Biggest city in South Africa. The economic hub and boasts the highest GDP per capita in South Africa. Friendly people and great shopping. It is NOT the capital of South Africa, Pretoria has that honour, but is the capital of the Gauteng province. It doesn’t have the worlds highest crime rate, even Cape Town has a higher murder rate.
PS, Sandton is part of Johannesburg.
For brilliant nightlife, Joburg rocks!

7. What month were you born in?

the month were the sexiest bitches are born
april is the month were the most beautiful,sexy girls r born lol

8. What day were you born on?

a word that can be used to describe a black person without insulting them with them knowing.
This word is relativley close to n****r.
I fucking hate monday

Harsh I know. Hey I didn’t write that definition!

9. Who was the last person you talked to?

Random word when someone says something random and annoying
Annoyance: “Ewww, What’s that”
You: “Your MOTHER!!”

Annoyance: “Miss,What are we doing 2day”
You: “Your MOTHER!!”

Annoyance: “This work is so easy, Miss”
You: “Just like…your MOTHER!!”

Annoyance: “Peanut”
You: “Your MOTHER!!”

10. What is one of your nicknames?

To do something incredibly stupid. To be retarded and look like an idiot at something.
He mike’d it up again. DOH!

Third definition is also good

The most amazing boy in the world. He is quiet around the masses but he opens up around the one he loves. He is extraordinarily protective in the best of ways. Mike can and will make you laugh harder than anyone else. He is the most adorable, cute, nice, sweet, kind, generous, loving, caring, genuine, funny, considerate, awesome person I have ever met. Every moment of my life would be better if I could spend it with him. I could talk to him all day long and we’d never run out of things to say. His smile can make my day; even if it’s from across the room. I love him more than the sun, I need him more than breath it’s self. I can’t imagine my life without him; it scares me more than anything. I will spend the rest of my life in his arms.
Me: Mike bought me a dozen roses for my birthday!
Best Friend: JEALOUS!
Me: What can I say, he’s Mike.

Also, Mikey

sweet and swoll, often essential to people’s lives; often likable and personable
me: Wow, that kid has a lot of great qualities.
you: Oh, you mean like a mikey?

Well that’s that. Back to work I guess. Wish me luck.




5 responses

21 08 2009

I especially like the “Mikey” definition 🙂
And that Michael treats girls well.
A different and amusing post. Good job!

27 08 2009

lol, check out the 3rd definition on urban dictionary for my name.. “Chris”

1 09 2010

No yet

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