Target Audience

7 08 2009

In all things, one must identify one’s target audience, and then appeal to that audience. This is the way that everything works, from business to charity. Businesses would wither if they simply provided their product without having any idea who was buying and who they should be appealing to and persuading to buy. Those begger children/women with children/blind people at the intersection have to have a good idea of what makes people give them money, or they would starve.

It is thusly that I have come to a conclusion. This blog is never going to be popular. It will never have enough visitors that I will be able to write a book (see: MushyPeas) or even enough to earn me money. This blog that you are now visiting will primarily be a way for you (my loyal readers) to hear my rantings, ravings, theories, observations and anything else I care to post here.

And I’m fine with that.

If you guys are willing to keep on reading my nonsense, I’m going to keep on writing it.




3 responses

12 08 2009

Mike, it brings me a warm wave of satisfaction to hear that you’ll continue writing in your insanely brilliant satiric style. Sometimes, we must do what we enjoy not because it makes other people happy, but because it makes us happier than anything else in the world. Anything above that is merely a bonus. Plus popularity is so overrated.

21 08 2009

Go Shaun!
And…. how does one spell “begger”? 😛

21 08 2009

Was meant to be a tongue face, not an excited face. Though I am… to be reading your absolutely brilliant writing.

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