Something Silly to Make you Laugh

17 07 2009

When I was younger, I thought that the flying squad (you know the police?) was gonna come in their planes and drop bombs and what not when they got a call.

Lame hey?

Hope you got a laugh or two out of that 🙂




4 responses

20 07 2009

HAHAHA and i thought an appointment with clients meant meeting people to fly kites! LOL

20 07 2009

I had a simular misconception about blow-jobs 😛

29 07 2009


I thought people were going to take me away… because my father constantly told me I was adopted, and if we ran out of money I would have to live in the box I my father found me in?????

Kids think crazy things

29 07 2009

Yay, am back in blog-reading-land 🙂

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