100s club and Guitar Hero

24 06 2009

So two more things crossed off my list. Host a 100s Club night and a Guitar Hero night. Strangely, both happened on the same night. Haha.

100s Club

Friday, June 19. Me, seven friends and a lot of beer. Me and four other people had a goal: to consume 100 shots of beer (25ml by our estimates) in 100 minutes. One per minute. You throw up, you’re out. You miss a shot, you’re out. For me, it didn’t go great. I got to 34, and felt sick and stopped. How lame. Another friend went out on 52, and another friend had dropped out before me. The last two contestants went on to the magic 100, and are now proud members of the 100s club. Congratulations Greg and Matthew!

Guitar Hero

Well, after the revelry of much drinking, we all went inside and played Guitar Hero: World Tour. It was pretty fun: Greg had brought his drumset so we had two different drums and could play versus drumming. It was pretty awesome. Otherwise we all took turns playing various instruments and singing, which was all good fun (especially the hardcore songs which I screamed my voice out to).

So there you have it. Another two things to cross off the list. It’s really going quite quickly now. Until next time…




2 responses

30 06 2009

I got to 78… (Or so I think)

29 07 2009

What was that about being an alchie 😛

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