The Dearth

21 06 2009

So it’s been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that, my whole loyal (?) readership of three people. I’m going to blame it squarely on exams … I don’t know what everybody else’s excuse is, because there seems to have been a general lack of updates from most of the blogs I follow. Yes, you know who I’m talking about … *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*

But, exams are now over. Finished this past Friday, and man am I glad to be on holiday. All pretty tough exams, but I’m fairly confident that I passed them all, so that’s good.

Sorry this post isn’t very exciting. It’s 01:30, and I’m a little tired. I do have some interesting news that you may or may not find interesting.

I am now a contributing writer / editor for a small American based gaming blog called “No More Game Blogs“. Still getting started, but there’s some interesting opinions posted already, and I’ve got two articles posted. So go check that out if you get time.

Otherwise, I’m thinking of starting something new on Bet This is Original Reviews. It’s basically a limited word review, like maybe 10 or 20 words? The point is to get the post count up and ensure more regularly updated content. What do you good people think about that? Would you care? Does it affect you?




5 responses

21 06 2009

How do you review something in ten words? Thats one sentence. Lol.

21 06 2009


Have fun with it… Read the Review, voted and all… You should do several at a time. But awesome!!!!!!

22 06 2009

Congrats on the new blog, although you know my issues with the articles on that new site.. but anyways, yeah, its a kewl opportunity for you 🙂

I dont blog full stop.. I really dunno what I even have a word press site.. 😛

10 word reviews are hard.. cause then you need to think of what to say even more so than when you have unlimited words to just blab on about the movie. I guess I would just be lazy and take someone else’s review and use autosummaries feature in word, lol!

29 07 2009

That was the awesomest thing ever!! Congrats pie 🙂

3 02 2010

OMG enjoyed reading this article. I submitted your rss to my google reader!

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