Go Democracy!

23 04 2009

So today, here in South Africa, we had our fourth general election. What this means is that essentially the whole country (23 million people registered to vote, and polls say about 80% of those people actually turned up) went out of their comfortable warm houses, stood in lines for hours (my personal experience was 80 minutes) and made their X next to the party of their choice. Now obviously some people had funny reasons for chosing their parties, such as the struggle history of the party, the dancing skills of the party leader or just because they are the only party of a certain colour.

Whatever the reason, people went out and voted. Polling stations closed about 3 hours, 15 minutes ago as I write this (21:00 UCT+2), and theoretically we can expect that the votes are being counted already. We already know that the ANC has won the majority, but the main question is whether they have won their 2/3 majority (enough to let them change the constitution: eek!) or whether the oppositions parties managed to gain enough of the vote to prevent this from happening. Personally I’m hoping that the DA gets at least 20% and the other parties make up the last 20% … but honestly I don’t see this happening.

Even the formation of an ANC breakaway party: Congress Of the PEople (COPE) will do little to make inroads into the ANC, I think. If anything, I think they will take a little bit of the vote away from the ANC, while taking most of their votes from the DA and other parties.

So, in short, my first election was exciting and interesting, but I doubt that anything will change.

Thanks to all for voting and especially to all who didn’t vote ANC. Lol. But seriously, if you voted, you have earned the right to bitch about the government for the next five years. For those who couldn’t be bothered to vote or even register… shut up. You haven’t got any say in the running of government.




2 responses

23 04 2009

I wanted a marching band… I felt so intimidated.. Really thinking How could I make a difference? its such a responsiblity and something people fought for. YAY for voters… Non-Voters YOU SUCK!!!!

5 05 2009

And they didn’t get the two thirds!!!!! Yippee

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