English Premier League madness

10 04 2009

Why do so many people support the English Premier League (EPL)? You know, all these rabid Manchester United or Liverpool or Arsenal supporters. (Side note, isn’t it funny how you never hear of any other team aside from those three? Are all the other teams just totally crap that they don’t even have vocal fans in South Africa? Anyway, I digress…).

So there is a lot of these people who support an arbitrary league of teams that they have no personal connection to and are rabidly defensive of their team (and rabidly proud of their hatred for the other teams), while at the same time worshipping the very players that they have no hope of ever meeting or even being close to. Hmmm … is it just me who sees how stupid that is?

I mean, honestly, what is the attraction in doing this? Do these people want to feel like a part of something greater than themselves? There are a lot more clubs they can join that make a lot more sense. And I mean, if you are really such a soccer (football, whatever you want to call it, it’s the same thing) fan, why don’t you support the local Premier Soccer League (PSL). Is everybody too racist to watch 22 black people kick a ball around? “Oh no, it has to be a bunch of white people, else they are not good enough to watch.”
<Those last two sentences was a joke by the way>

Ok, let’s assume that everybody who watches and supports EPL has very valid reasons for doing so. Maybe they are originally from that area/country and feel a sense of pride in supporting the old homeland. And that’s fine. By all means. If you just like the team and want to feel part of it, however, you are a joiner, with no clear reasons for supporting the team, except that everybody else is doing it? I don’t know. Personally I don’t see any attraction or reason for it.

So, in protest, I think I am going to start supporting a foreign sport league for no good reason. And what better sport than the absurdity of Aussie Rules Football? Seriously, the sport has 3 different scores at the end of the game. And 18 players per side. And a round field. I love it. Who’s with me? I’m gonna be reading up on the sport to get a general idea of the rules and the teams, and hopefully the next time somebody tries to talk to me about the EPL I will be able to respond in kind about the beauty of Aussie Rules Football. Who’s with me??




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10 04 2009


12 04 2009

Nice… I supported Arsenal and Totnem Hotspurs back in the day, but then realised that when soccor players get kicked they howl like babies… Sorry RUGBY!!!! WOOOHOOOOO…

Sorry the Jock Kelly left… 😀

4 05 2009
Chris Williams


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5 05 2009

OMG!!!!!!!! I knew you were gonna be famous because of your writing. Wowie! You are amazing 🙂

12 08 2009

Finally the beginning of English Premier League. Will be exciting and unpredictably. With SkySportsHD1 we can watch recaps and highlights from all games.

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