Pop music lifespan

7 04 2009

Innovation drives any industry. In the music industry, especially in the pop music (for this blog, pop music means anything you will find on the top 40 chart of any radio station), it seems that innovation is non-existent. All that matters in the pop music industry is the constant production of new music. It doesn’t necessarily have to be good music, as long as it has high production values and is marketed well, it will succeed.

Let me give an example to back up my insane rantings. If you look at another style of music, say … hardcore, you will notice that new albums are released at a much slower rate than the pop industry. With pop, music changes every week basically, depending on what’s “hot” at the time.

In comparison, let’s look at Metallica. They released a few albums back in the day, and they are classics. I mean ask anybody and they will tell you that they still listen to The Black Album even today. And that was released a good couple of years ago. It has staying power. As a pop example of what’s hot at the moment, will anybody remember Lady Gaga’s Pokerface in a few months time? Nope it will be gone from the collective memory, replaced by another generic song that sounds very similar. And in a few years time, when Lady Gaga releases a new hit CD, will anybody remember Pokerface? Doubtful.

I mean, look at other previously famous pop acts. The Spicegirls? Backstreet Boys? 5ive? Even Avril Lavigne has faded from memory.

Maybe it’s just me? Are there any people out there who still listen to The Spicegirls?




4 responses

7 04 2009
Music Careers

Great input about pop music. But if pop really fades easily, then why Britney is still hot to music scene.

8 04 2009

This is so true. I mean even try listen to old pop music and you will want to cut your ears off. Lol.

16 04 2009

Hmmm, good question about Britney. Maybe she reinvents herself quite often enough to survive in the industry? Or she’s the exception that proves the rule. But let’s face it, her sound has changed a lot since she was a little girl in “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, and in that sense the point still stands: nobody listens to “Hit Me Baby One More Time” anymore…

5 05 2009

I love pop!! Awesome post, though 🙂

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