Comedy Show

31 03 2009

This past Sunday 29 March 2009, I attended my first comedy show. Held at Cool Runnings Melville, this featured a lot of up and coming comedians. Well, up and coming in the sense that I had never heard of them before.

Anyway, the club is a little dodgey (they lead you down into a basement where the audience is shoved together like sardines, there is no fresh air circulating and the seats are hard) but the comedy is outstanding. The MC for the evening had me in stitches, and his style was very in your face. He swears, tells dirty stories and insults the audience (Tip: Don’t sit in the front row if you don’t want to be picked on). Some of the comedians were a little lame, (shame the one guy wasn’t getting many laughs, I felt a little bad) but most had people in stitches.

The one guy called himself 2Dogs. Without sounding too judging, he looked like he was washing dishes in the back yesterday, and his comedic style seemed to back that up. Told in second-language English (You know, sort of stilted), he had the whole audience rolling around on the floor. I will retell a few of the jokes he told, but chances are it was one of those “be-there moments” and you will just look at me like I am crazy.

2Dogs: People. They come up to me and say “Hey, why are you called 2Dogs. Where is the other dog?”. And I say, no man it is just a name.

2Dogs: You don’t go up to Zola7 and ask “Where is the other 6 Zola?”.

2Dogs: Ok… Now. Imagaine I am Zola7.

2Dogs: You know. I like smoking. So … why did 2Dogs cross the road … Because they were smoking on the other side.

See? Told you that you would think I am mad. But really, he was funny.

Other highlights included the coloured comedian guy, who had some pretty witty observation about coloured life. Such as how coloured people start a fight (tilt their heads to the side and walk up to you. “Ek se, jy ken my” No dude, I don’t. You’re not my friend because otherwise we wouldn’t be having this disagreement. “Ja. Eks Boontjies” Ok so I’m meant to be scared of a guy named Beans?). There was even a guy with a puppet. You know … a ventriloquist? He was pretty good too, very in the vein of Jeff Dunham.

All in all I would highly recommend to everybody to go out one Sunday evening to Cool Runnings in Melville and check this underground comedy show out. R30 (R20 with student card) will get you access to the show, it starts at 19:30 and lasts for about three hours, so it’s really good value for money.

And finally, here are some tips for you.

  • If you are easily offended, you might want to give this a miss as 90% the jokes are dirty and offensive.
  • Get there relatively early to guarantee yourself a seat.
  • If you sit in the front, right in front of the stage, expect to get picked on and ridiculed all night.
  • Parking is pretty safe, just ignore the “car guards” (right what a joke) trying to sell you marijuana (Swazi).
  • Have fun. You’ve probably never laughed so hard in your life.

Also, check out The List (or click the link up up there) of things I want to do in 2009. This was one of them, and now it’s checked off. Constantly updated!




6 responses

1 04 2009

This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

2 04 2009

Sound awesome. We must go

2 04 2009

YOU NEVER BEEN TO A COMEDY SHOW!!!!! Dude the Cool runnings one is aweseome…

I also throughly enjoyed it when I went… Oh and some of the comedians aren’t up and coming. They are Purely amatuer despite some guest appearances.. etc… The basement is dodgy, but awesome… I had to sit in the hole type area in the wall on the right hand side…


2 04 2009

What an awesome post!!

2 04 2009

PS: Got a problem linking up with your “The List”. Probably just me…

2 04 2009

Sorry. Link fixed now.

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