8 03 2009

There is nothing, in my opinion, like going to a metal/rock show to make one feel alive. The fist in the air, horns on the fist, head banging motion is just amazing for me. And the moshpit. It’s like Fightclub with no chance of grievous bodily injury. Seriously, I highly recommend it to anybody.

People in the moshpit are really the most friendly people you could ever imagine. This may be strange to hear, especially about people whose only intent seems to be causing injury and pain on one another. But really, moshing is very safe. If anybody falls, people will more or less stop and pick the person up and then resume after he is on his feet again.

And it is very bonding. I don’t know why but crashing bodies against another persons is just very manly and a bond is created between mosh pit participants.

Last night (Saturday 7 March 2009), I went to Cool Runnings Fourways for the Chromium CD Launch event, and in addition to Chromium playing, Knave was also there. Knave is really cool, and their guitar (bass?) player/backup vocalist dude is HUGE! He was in the moshpit during Chromium for a while, and he was scary, but I jumped into him anyway 🙂

What follows are some rules of the pit that I feel should be observed at all times, and indeed are pretty standard rules for most places.

  1. No spikes, chains, etc. on wrists etc. that may cause injury to other participants.
  2. No punching, kicking, biting, headbutting etc.
  3. If somebody falls, pick them up, protect them etc. and do all that is needed to keep that person safe.
  4. If you start bleeding for whatever reason, get out the pit ASAP.
  5. Attempt to remove all obstacles from the pit floor. This includes bottles and cans.
  6. If a shoe or wallet is found on the floor of a pit, leave it, unless it is your own, in which case pick it up.
  7. Moshpits are meant to be fun, so don’t take it personally if you get knocked down, knocked out or knocked around.
  8. Always wait for somebody else to start a moshpit. 🙂
  9. Get out the pit if you don’t feel like moshing anymore.

Boiled down to a single sentence, the rules of the pit are basically thus: Take care of others, and yourself.

See you in the pit!




2 responses

9 03 2009

Wish i could have joined you guys

12 03 2009

Aw, I love mushing as well… Like that time, at your house. Tehe.

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