4 03 2009

What is up with this recent resurge in the popularity of mullets? I mean, I walk around campus (or even just sit in one place) and it seems every 5th guy is sporting a mullet, or some poor imitation that does not quite meet the full mullet criteria but is pretty close to getting there. The “official” criteria for a mullet is if the back part is 3x longer than, but personally I mock people with hair at the back that is noticebly longer than at the front.

A lot of people don’t have such bad mullets as those found here, it’s still pretty bad. And just by the way, there is no such thing as a “good” mullet, in case you were wondering.

A common variation of the mullet is the “Rattail”, which is when just a little tuft of hair is grown. This, despite what Wikipedia may say, also classifies as a mullet and is just as lame, if not lamer than a bona fide mullet because it takes more conscious effort to actually grow a rattail.

Another point to ponder is that, from what I have seen, is that only the stereotypical “jocks” have got mullets. I don’t know if it’s the latest accessory to go with the man jewellery, the popped collars, the Lacoste shirt, the pointed shoes and the big belt buckle, but I get a good laugh every time I see an idiot with a mullet thinking he looks cool.

I don’t know why mullets are coming back, but please, if you have a mullet: shave it off. If you are considering growing a mullet: don’t. Please, you will make the whole world a prettier place.




3 responses

5 03 2009

AH man this means I have to shave mine Right? Mike Come on…..

7 03 2009

Hahahaha That typical jock description is sacrily accurate!

12 03 2009

Bwhahahahah… Mullet much?

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