Driving and Sneezing

5 02 2009

So every time I drive, and every time I sneeze, lately, I’ve been thinking…

What is the legal status of sneezing while driving? I mean, let’s say for a minute that you have a sudden sneezing fit, and sneeze like ten times in a row in rapid succession. That’s about five seconds that your eyes are closed and you are unable to control your vehicle. Now, what happens if somebody decides to jump in front of you while you are sneezing. Or not even jump in front, but happens not to see you and walks into your path. If your eyes were open you could have been able to avoid him, but they weren’t, because you were sneezing.

Would you still be liable for the death of the pedestrian? I mean, sneezing is an uncontrollable reflex, and can’t be helped or stopped. And everybody knows that it’s impossible to keep your eyes open during a sneeze. So would the defense, in court, of “I was sneezing” be legal and valid? Or does the law expect you to slow down and take neccessary precautions if you feel a sneeze coming?

Interesting. Thoughts? Any legal experts read this blog and feel like giving a professional opinion? Haha.




5 responses

5 02 2009

hahaha…something non-recession related blog you got here. anyway, i’d like to tell you that i do wonder myself about driving and sneezing and what might happen if you indeed got yourself into an accident while doing so…interesting huh?!

6 02 2009

Hahahhahahaha, loving the wierdness of this blog… hahhahahahaha
made me happy… LOL

11 02 2009

You are a piesang-broek

5 03 2009


8 04 2009

Well im a law student and you could say that you didnt perform the act voluntarily, it was mechanical. Therefore you lacked the ‘act’ element of the crime! Ill defend you should it happen. Okay now you can judge my lameness at actually giving legal advice.

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