The Euclid Alternative mistake

1 02 2009

So, I watched episode 2.05 of The Big Bang Theory: The Euclid Alternative earlier and I noticed a mistake in the script. Sheldon Cooper, the incredibly OCD and smart scientist character, makes a mistake that is common knowledge, or at least with a little bit of research.

He’s learning to drive in a virtual simulator his friend set up, and complains about the lack of airbags in the simulator. His exact words are “What if a simulated van rear ends me?”. Of course, the error in this enquiry is of course that airbags don’t deploy from a rear-impact collision. A person such as Sheldon should know this.

Just thought I’d share that with everyone. You may now return to your everyday lives.




5 responses

1 02 2009

You are absolutely gorgeous, and I must say that I am astounded and let down at Sheldon. He should know betterer.

2 02 2009

Not just that but he should know you wont need airbags from a rear impact as your body is hurled away from hard surfaces into a chair.

2 02 2009

*blank stare*

5 03 2009

Um, I think the fact that he doesn’t actually get a license at the end of the episode shows his lack of knowledge and skill in driving. Also, he’s nervous and was trying to compensate by trying to make a clever remark, and obviously fails. I think the director was trying to show us that Sheldon is only human, and not as robotic as his character profile might make us think.

21 04 2009


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