False Modesty

1 02 2009

When somebody gives us a compliment, we as human beings generally try to downplay the compliment. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed from personal experience and observations.

As I say, this is from my personal experience. Maybe I’m just broken and don’t know how to take a compliment. Anyway, it usually goes like:

Friend: Mike your blog is awesome and I love it.
Mike: Ah come on, it’s not that good.
Friend: No really, I really enjoy reading it, its very well written and insightful.
Mike: Nobody ever reads it.
Friend: I read it, and I love it.
Mike: Wow, one whole person.
Friend: Ag, fine whatever. Last time I try and give you a compliment.

A fairly possible conversation, as in I can see it happening.

Is it just me who tried to downplay compliments, as if I am not worthy of them somehow or do other people experience it too? Let me know?




One response

11 02 2009

I think we do it for reassurance that the person wasn’t “just saying it”. Or maybe it’s just me

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