Why registration is a pain

29 01 2009

Ok, fair warning, this post is going to bitch about The University of Johannesburg’s registration program. If you are not interested in hearing me whine about such a thing, you are free to leave right now. All gone? Ok, for those who are still here …

The problem with UJ’s registration program is that is it slow. And why is it slow? Because all the smart people (the Faculty Officers, supervisors etc.) are having to devote their time to stupid people. Well, not just stupid people, but also people with genuine problems, such as wanting to change subjects or what not. But anyway, assuming that even the people that have problems are smart enough to more or less correct them by themselves (eg. by knowing exactly what they need to change and when etc. and just need the Faculty Officer’s permission to do it) then the people in charge’s time is being spent majorly on stupid people.

“Stupid People?” you might ask. Yes, stupid people. Stupid People at registration go into the venue with nothing. They don’t bring a pen with them. When forms are handed out in the line outside, they don’t sign them. Given forms with subject choices on them, they don’t fill them in while they’re waiting to speak to the Faculty Officers. No, they wait until they are actually seated opposite the Faculty Officers before they decide what subjects they want to take.  Then, they oooooohhhhh sooooooooo sllllloooooooooowlllllyyyy paaaaaagggge thrrrrrrrrrooooooooough the boooooooooooklllllllllllettttttt finding these subjects. Then it’s a case of “Where do I mark?” to the poor Faculty Officer, who rolls her eyes and points an experiences finger to the exact space without even looking or batting an eyelid. This is of course followed by a desperate, futile search for a pen, when they know very well that they don’t have a pen in their bag. It’s just so they don’t look stupid. Eventually, the Faculty Officer lends them her pen and the exercise continues another four or five times until all subjects are chosen.

All this takes about ten minutes. Ten painful, excruciatingly slow minutes for all the people waiting in line for this Stupid Person to finish. Of course, once the subject choice form is done, then it’s the declaration form that needs to be signed. Of course, this isn’t done either, and again the search for the pen starts. Another 3 minutes go by before this form gets finished.

Finally, the details form. This is prefaced by the Faculty Officer by the question “Did you check all your details?”, and of course the blank stare from the Stupid Person is answer enough. Thus, another 5 minutes is taken as the Stupid Person reads all their details slowly and carefully and sees if everything is correct. Add another 5 minutes if some things are incorrect, for changing them, you know.

So as you can see, a best case scenario when a Stupid Person is registering is a delay of 18 minutes. And there seems to be a lot more Stupid People than smart people on registration day at UJ.

My personal experience? Filled the declaration while I was waiting in line outside the venue (with my own pen of course). Checked my details on the detail form, and corrected one mistake, again while waiting in line, this time inside the venue. Subject choice form? I knew exactly what subjects I needed, found them, checked them off, signed it off, and I was ready. Waited in line for about an hour (not kidding) for stupid people to finish, got to the front, saw the Faculty Officer, she checked it (took 30 seconds because I had my shit together), signed all three forms, and I was off. Total time spent delaying line: 2 minutes maximum.


And now for something completely different.

Oh look a new page. When did that happen?




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1 02 2009

This is a very confusing new system thing you have going. Not quite for the technophobes.

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