I finally got it: First Time in New York

17 12 2008

So I was going through old episodes of How I Met Your Mother the other day (well actually this post was drafted in my head a few months back in July already), and I watched the episode “First Time in New York” again. Now, a bit of background, I’ve watched this episode about 20 times (Yes I am a freak I know), but that time in July I finally got one of the jokes.

In the episode, the whole gang tell their stories of the first time they had sex. Robin tells the story of his her first time was just “splashing around in the shallow end” before he decided he was gay. And then, she says “Neh, should have known. There were signs”.

Now, study the pictures below and I’ll carry on.



As you can see, the room above is very “girly”. The pink bedspread and lamp and walls, and basically everything else in it all creates the impression that they are about to have sex in Robin’s room. However, the joke is that there is a sound from outside the room, and the boy says “My mom’s home, quick, get under my bed.” Hence providing one of the  signs that Robin mentioned earlier.

I don’t know why, but when I first watched this episodes I didn’t get that joke. I guess it’s not really that funny, but I thought I would share with you people anyway.




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21 12 2008

You are kidding right?

1 02 2009

Caroline also commented on this blog

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