An Open Letter to The Simpsons

11 11 2008

Dear The Simpsons,

I remember when you were still funny. It was about the time of your 6th season or thereabouts. You remember, just when you had shed that awful first season awkwardness that carried into the next five, where every character acted out of what is now their established character, and everybody looked badly drawn and weird. That heyday of comedy lasted for a long time, spanning a good many years, and approximately 11 more seasons since then.

Lately, however, I’ve felt my feelings for you start to change. I’ve been getting fewer and fewer laughs per episodes, and your latest season (20) I don’t think I have laughed even once. Season 19 wasn’t much better, and there were maybe one or two episodes which weren’t awful, but truth be told I can’t remember even one such example.

In short, I think the problem lies on your end, The Simpsons. Granted, I have grown up a bit since I started watching you, and it’s true that my tastes may have matured a little, but on the other hand, my sense of humour remains more or less the same as it did back in the day when you were funny. No, I think that you changed, The Simpsons. I think that you got less funny, and stopped caring about entertaining your audience. Nowadays it seems like you care more about the blackboard and couch gags than actually writing a decent, funny episode, and in my opinion that’s wrong.

I don’t see how we could work this out. It’s been 5 long seasons of non-laughter for me, The Simpsons, and I really don’t see how the rest of season 20 could possibly make up for the hurt of the past. It’s true that we had some good times, and I will always fondly treasure such memories as The Pool Episode and that other one, 22 Short Stories About Springfield. Those are the type of episodes that made me love watching you, and made me not be able to wait for Thursday nights and skip dessert to watch you on M-Net Open Time.

Ah but what good is it to reminisce about the past, The Simpsons? The present situation is so bad that doing that only makes the present so much worse. The fact is that you are no longer funny. And I’m sorry to have to do this, but there are just animated shows which are just so much better out there than you, like Family Guy. That’s right, The Simpsons, I am leaving you for Family Guy. It’s been going on for a while already, we are just starting our 7th season together. And what’s even worse is that I have been cheating on with Futurama for a while now as well!

But don’t take it too hard, The Simpsons. I’m sure that one day, you will find your funny again, and when that happens, you can call me again and we’ll talk. I’m sure I might be able to give you a second chance, but only if you really put the effort in and make this work. It was great what we had back in the day, and I want that again, but the way things are right now, I don’t see that happening any time soon.






7 responses

15 11 2008

My friend, if you think seasons 2-5 were “awkward,” I suggest you go back and watch them again. That’s when The Simpsons was at its absolute best.

17 11 2008
watch futurama episodes

I agree with Dan. Those episodes were really great.

18 11 2008

When I watched season 1 the other day, I was shocked to see how wholesome they were back then. Its insane how much has changed.

24 11 2008

I have always found it stupid lol

6 12 2008

Aw, the Simpson’s changed and the expiry date has been reached. Tear.
Awesome blog post, though, incredibly original 🙂

8 12 2008

Just a question but are you taking a late writers strike?

1 01 2012
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