Death of the SA club scene?

30 10 2008

Ok here’s the thing, a certain group of my friends and I are quite the “party animals”, as in we go out usually every week. What I have noticed over the past few weeks and months is that the crowds at our usual places seem to be thinning. When I say this, I don’t mean like just a few people, or a few cars less in the parking lot. I mean, like there is a noticeable amount more open floor space, and less warm bodies inside these places than before.

Places I have noticed this phenomenon include: Party House (Had to close because of lack of paying customers), Ruby Blue (used to be so full you couldn’t even move on the floor, now it’s declining), Truth (Again, used to be packed, now slowly dying or so it seems), Tanza Night (Again, was full, seems to be getting less and less). However, on the opposite face of the coin, other places I have been to (Casablanca) seem to be getting fuller and fuller.

Now, the logical solution that most of you are probably screaming to me right now is why don’t you simply go to Casablanca? Well because they play awful music. What you hear on the radio? Yeah, they take that and add a beat and call it house music. What a travesty. I’m assuming that the trend of increasing audience and decreasingly decent music continues at other places similar to Casablanca, IE what I like to call “jock clubs” such as Manhattan, Vacca Matta etc.

Or, maybe it is just the way things go. Clubs surge and ebb in popularity, as the standard club goer gets bored and moves onto newer, fresher pastures. In which case I need to start broadening my horizons. I hate “jock clubs” so I would probably only ever go to “The Hat” once just to say I’ve been there and never go again. But there are a number of other places which may have potential, such as Taboo in Sandton or Submission in Honeydew.

Have any of you ever been to either of the above places? Would you recommend it? Give me a rundown if you have been to those places or know anything about them? Thanks.





3 responses

1 11 2008

I agree, But clubbing has lost its appeal to me nowdays. It could be age it could even be because I have become boring. But after a grueling double shift I want to relax at the KEG!! yes the KEG.. no music just good conversation and BOOZE… Its great to chill out and just be… I club once in a while… and yes its fun… BUT I AM A KEG GIRL THROUGH AND THROUGH!!!!


18 11 2008

It is so annoying when you feel the urge to party till you drop and you get to your club of choice and the car park is empty. You just know that the rest of the evening is going to be rubbish, however hard you try to ignore that there are very few ppl around you, and that the DJ is looking bored and has decided to wonder off to the bar leaving the deck on with just a playlist. The other thing that annoys me is that once you’ve paid your entrance fee, you’re pretty much stuck. Unless you’re feeling rich that night, or you’ve decided not to drink too much, and you’re willing to gamble and try another club, you’re there for the night. PLEASE SOMEONE, TELL US WHERE ALL THE CLUBBERS THAT STILL LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC HAVE ALL GONE ????

6 12 2008

Taboo is so amazing; you have to have to have to go some time. That is if you’re willing to fork out R150 on entrance, or make that R200 because you’re a guy under 23. I love being a girl sometimes…

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