Time … Not on my side

15 10 2008

So last week I was without a phone. I spilled some fruit juice on it like an idiot and the damn thing just went downhill from there. But anyway, that’s another blog for another time, on the fragility of things, especially technology. This blog right here, that you are reading right now, is about time, and watches in particular.

I don’t know if any of you have ever been stuck without a cellphone, but it sucks! I was without one for a day (I had to wait for my dad to bring his spare back from the office, and he only gets back after 5), so I had to spend a whole day without a phone. I felt so helpless and off-balance even, as my pocket was devoid of the familiar lump that normally rests against my leg.

You don’t realise just how much you actually use your cellphone for until it’s gone. At least, that’s my experience. Without my cellphone, I first had to make a plan with my morning alarm, as I couldn’t even use my cellphone to set an alarm. Then, I couldn’t check my calender, which I use quite extensively to keep track of birthdays, upcoming tests and assignment deadlines.

Another feature of my phone I missed was the phonebook. I keep all my numbers on my cellphone memory unfortunately (as opposed to on my simcard), so I was really lost for a while.  Even now I have only managed to recover about half of the numbers which I had, so I’m really suffering still. I also missed the applications, such as Mxit and Opera Mini, because as I’m sure I’ve mentioned already, I am a very connected person, and I check my email (via Opera Mini) every half hour or so if I’m not very busy doing something important. And the Mxit of course. I don’t know what I ever did before I had Mxit on my phone. Probably got a lot more done 😉 The same applies to the games I had on my phone, which I used quite often to kill time before lectures or whenever.

Then of course, the actual phone functions, especially SMS and actual voice calls. It was so weird when I withdrew money from my FNB account and didn’t feel my pocket vibrating with an SMS telling me that I had withdrawn the money. And being totally off the radar kind of sucked too. No SMSes from friends, phone calls from my boss (kind of nice lol :), being unable to let people know where I was, when I was going to be home and all that. very strange.

The biggest thing I missed, however, was having the time on me. Seriously, I was pretty lost that day, having to guesstimate the time, or rely on the kindness of strangers to tell me the time. Which brings me to the point of this post: if you wear a watch, it is essentially public property. You become, not a watch wearer, but a gate keeper, a sentinel, charged with the sacred duty of giving the time to everybody who asks you. Have you ever asked somebody for the time and they refused? No I didn’t think so. That’s because most humans are decent people, and will happily give up 2 seconds of the time to look at their wrist and tell you the time. People are just cool like that.




4 responses

16 10 2008

I’m lost without my watch. I tend not to use my phone that much to check the time to be honest.

16 10 2008

You know agreed.. you looked like a lost orphan that day… I can barely stay calm when my phone disapears in my wide expanse of a bag… LOL
hehehehhehe.. Thank goodness I don’t have a watch… shoooo

20 10 2008

I’m so OCD I like knowing the exact time (to the second), almost every second of the day. Not having your phone completely sucks though, I’d know, having undergone a similar experience myself recently. It kinda feels like you are lost without being able to vent to people on Mxit or invite anyone to come eat lunch with you, or wake up on time.

21 10 2008

I dont think i have ever asked a stranger for the time lol. But then again i have never needed to. Had a watch or a phone on me

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