4 10 2008

Ok this may not be the most revolutionary though in the world, but I think it’s true and it needs saying.

Girls have their handbags, wherein they carry their whole life: purse, identification, house keys, car keys, lipstick, hairbrush, lip gloss, mirror, sweets, pens, keys, etc. etc. Guys … well, guys have their pockets, where they carry their whole life: wallet, cellphone and keys.

This handbag parallel is an integral part of a guy’s life. Personally, I hate jeans / pants which don’t have pockets. Ok I haven’t ever actually seen a pair like this, but I have a pair or two with only one pocket, and the principle is essentially the same: IE that its weird not having a place to keep your essentials when you go out.

What would we guys do without pockets? Where would we keep our wallets, keys and cellphone? In a little “fanny pack”, I think they’re called? You know, those dumb little bags that is worn around the waist? Or even worse, something like Jamie from Eurotrip wears, a holder for money and identifications worn under the shirt and strapped to your body? No, pockets are necessary, and a vital part of every guy’s life.

I would even venture a guess and say that without pockets, the world as we know it would fall apart. It would be a mess, people having to carry stuff in their hands everywhere, dropping stuff far too regularly, having only one free hand, etc. etc.

And another interesting point: why is it that guys can leave the house with only a wallet, cellphone and keys, whereas girls need a whole bag to carry all their stuff? Is it some gender difference thing, that guys feel too macho and don’t care enough to carry every little thing with them that they might possibly need during the day with them? Or is it simply that guys don’t like carrying stuff, especially stuff that they probably aren’t even going to use at all.

Interesting thoughts…




3 responses

5 10 2008

Totally… I keep two of everything in my bag.
I am sorry. But its my life and sanity. If there is an eyeliner crisis to not having a fork I am prepared…


*high 5* Battle of the sexes hording spots…hehehhee

8 10 2008

Finally a new post!! LOL. It’s gorgeous, and I must confess that a woman without her handbag(s) is nothing. Where else would I put my emergency-everything, you know, just in case 🙂

20 10 2008

I keep my entire life in my handbag. Just last night it had my razor, Super C’s, regmakers, headache pills, a textbook and car keys in my bag.
(Bag: 1; Pockets:0)

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