50 things about me

2 09 2008

So, people (well two people) have been clamouring for me to post a new blog, and I’m sorry that it is something so lame as this. Especially after my famously popular (at least according to this) last blog. Yes, I have decided to post more lame filler, again another one of those “get to know me” thingies. This time, I’m not even going to answer random questions, because that would be too much effort to actually go and find some random questions to answer. Instead, I’m just going to list some stuff about myself, and see if I can get to the magical 50. Chances are you don’t know these things about me, but you will after this…

So here they are, in no specific order, just as I think of them.

  1. I am a fun drunk, at least I think so and I’ve been told. I don’t get violent, just loud.
  2. I remember a lot of things from “the night before” on “the morning after”.
  3. I don’t suffer from hangovers. In fact, I have only had one hangover in my whole life.
  4. My brother started me drinking. Ah peer pressure.
  5. I had my first alcoholic drink (a beer) at age 16.
  6. The drunkest I’ve ever been was on New Year’s Eve 2005/New Year’s Day 2006 (Also when I suffered the above mentioned hangover).
  7. I was the second person in my group of friends to get my license and my own car.
  8. Because of this, I was the designated driver for about a year and half (the friend who “beat” me doesn’t go out with the rest of us).
  9. The best holiday I’ve ever had was the first one without my parents, when me and two friends went down to Uvongo (¿spelling?) for Matric holiday.
  10. I am a gamer at heart.
  11. I am generally pretty good at games. I learn them fast and seem to be better than most people at them.
  12. I play Guitar Hero on expert difficulty. Yeah, I’m just hardcore like that.
  13. I can’t wait for Guitar Hero: World Tour to come out. That’s gonna be awesome.
  14. I love my Playstation 3 to bits. It’s amazing.
  15. My PC is old and dying, and I wish I had enough money lying around to replace the old girl.
  16. I am a big fan of music that you have probably never heard of. Project 86 especially (See, nobody’s heard of them).
  17. Right now there is a gross smell wafting in through my window. Smells like raw meat that’s been seasoned.
  18. One of my life’s goals is to see Project 86 perform in concert, and to meet Andrew Schwab (the lead singer) in person.
  19. I am a frustrated writer, in that I have a whole lot of uncompleted stories sitting on my harddrive, and physically in a file in a dusty cabinet, which I have lost interest in.
  20. I am studying at the University of Johannesburg.
  21. I am in my second year, and am studying Journalism.
  22. The worst job I have ever had was when I worked for six weeks at Super CD.
  23. I broke my right tibia and fibula on a trampoline late one night, in my very first year of varsity.
  24. In my very first year of varsity, I was studying Law.
  25. Breaking my leg got me thinking, and I ended up canceling Law and start doing something I actually enjoyed: Journalism.
  26. I am looking forward to 22 September – New episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory.
  27. I am looking forward to 27 September – Underoath concert \m/.
  28. I am looking forward to this weekend because I get to see my girlfriend :D.
  29. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning because I am on holiday and get to sleep late. Ah the little things.
  30. I am looking forward to RAGE on 1-3 October, because there’s a Guitar Hero tournament and the first prize is Guitar Hero IV.
  31. That smell is back again, and it had gone. Really rancid smell.
  32. I am really “connected”. I am always checking my email from my phone, also obsessively.
  33. I also randomly log into MXIT in the hopes that somebody has left me an offline message.
  34. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my cellphone and can’t imagine what it was like before I had one.
  35. The same applied to my broadband. What on earth did I do before I had 24/7 internet??
  36. It occurs to me that I probably got a lot more constructive things done before I had broadband. Haha.
  37. I sometimes wonder if I am toiling in futility with writing my blog. Do you people care about what write?
  38. As you probably guess from the above, I sometimes get pretty insecure about myself.
  39. I used to be really shy, but lately I have been pretty outgoing, and not just among friends.
  40. Ignorance is one of my biggest pet peeves.
  41. I suffer from roadrage rather badly at times. I blame the idiots on the road though.
  42. I am crazy about the show How I Met Your Mother and could probably recite about 80% of the first season by heart.
  43. I am more than a little crazy, and am always quoting random movies and TV shows that most people around me don’t know, so they look at me funny.
  44. I apparently make people laugh. So I must be a pretty funny guy right?
  45. Hahah, just thought of a line from xXx (the movie, not a porno. Gees). And made myself chuckle.
  46. See, that’s the type of random stuff I am talking about. Kinda disturbing that I’m even doing it in blog posts now, not just in RL (real life).
  47. My friends are the closest people to me. In other words, I am not very close to my family at all.
  48. I am a virgin, and proud of it!
  49. I had my first kiss when I was 20 years old, so last year.
  50. This list has taken me about an hour to complete.

So there we have it. 50 things about me.

Oh and one final thing about me, because I feel it is important, I am a packrat when it comes to digital thing. I hoard Facebook messages, email, smses etc. like crazy. Hahaha.

I would love everybody who reads this to try and think of 50 things about themselves. Just link here (https://betthisisoriginal.wordpress.com/2008/09/02/50-things-about-me) somewhere in your blog when you do it, so I can have an idea when and where I can go and read it.

Yayness. Until next time! Be happy!!




2 responses

4 09 2008

Wow I feel so much closer to you now… oh and you forgot that you know the entire theme song of the BIG BANG THOERY and that you love taking pictures.. and being slapped around in Journalism class, you also forgot that you enjoy eating pies almost everyday at varsity and you hate the way the desks slant in our Journ Class, you also forgot to tell everyone that you hate being paired with Random ppl in groups and enjoy post it parties…

dunno if you wanted that shared but oh well!!!
*Grins* 😀

5 09 2008

I’m actually quite surprised how much I already knew on your list, besides the filler ones like the double bad smelling air… lol

I think Kelly told me more new things about you than the 50 things your listed above 😛 But kewl Idea, I might list my own 50 like you requested (although I find it kinda scary)

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