I know what I should be when I grow up

13 08 2008

So I have a relatively important test tomorrow morning. And an assignment due on Friday which I have not started yet. But am I studying right now? Or working on the assignment? Nope, I am here, writing this blog.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that I am probably most suited to work in the writing industry. The reason I say this is because when I have a deadline coming up, I tend to write instead of actually do the thing that is due. Now, if I had a deadline coming up, I would naturally tend towards writing something … and thus would complete my deadline.

Ha ha ha.

Of course, I would probably end up writing some other random thing that was in no way related to the topic at hand. But such is life.

Ok enough messing around. I’m off to study now…




3 responses

14 08 2008

HAHAHA Good point

14 08 2008

Random ramblings abound! Tehe 🙂
(On a more serious note, though, does anybody really know what they wouldn’t mind doing till forever?)

17 08 2008

Ok that is the most Random point ever…LOL in sight of Assignment and Test crisis… I rock in the fetile position…LOL

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