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7 07 2008

Such anger Mike… do realise people screw up and things don’t always work out… chill out before you give yourself a heartattack!!!

8 07 2008
Brian knott

Lol i dont think its the software. I think your friend has marked the message as spam. Lol! Or its been marked before. Because its illegal for them to read your private messages . Lol. Privacy violation.

8 07 2008

I did NOT mark that message as spam!!!

8 07 2008
Brian knott

Lol relax caroline. Was just a thought. Haha.

17 08 2008

I totally agree with you, coz I have got the same message warning while visiting forums on Facebook.

I too, think that their automatic detector software is poorly calibrated; huh what a pity.

But for how long will the penalty go on…they cannot give a clue??!?! LOL we, members of facebook are the ones who have invited friends to come over, and now we are being treated as spammers.

Im totally outraged!

Facebook team, calibrate your spamming detection software, and return me back my profile plz.

6 10 2009
George Ilich

I can’t go to my facebook
it won’t take my password i have not change

6 10 2009
George Ilich

please fix it. thank u.

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