Arms Wide Open

5 07 2008

Ok this post is going to be so out of character for me, who usually posts all depressing and sad posts, but do not adjust your computer, it’s still me posting. Honestly …

So when you go into a new relationship, you would expect me the cynic to say that you should be reserved and not put yourself out there for fear of being hurt. I would even expect myself to say something like that, but in practice I have noticed that I tend to do the totally opposite thing. I go into relationships with my arms wide open, totally honest and ready for the best.

Sure, this can result in being hurt quite badly, (see some of my last few posts, lol) but it can also lead to some truly amazing things, if you are prepared for the best.

Strangely enough, I seem to go in with arms wide open, into online relationships. Maybe I am just too trusting or naive, and sure I have been hurt a good few times, but one day I will experience something truly amazing and all the pain and effort will be worth it, for that amazing relationship that will happen. Now, I don’t know when or if that relationship will ever happen, but I will have to just keep hoping.

Now, what am I actually trying to say here? That we should all trust everything we read and hear from people? No, not at all. I believe that a healthy dose of skepticism and a little bit of paranoia and suspicion are good, even healthy. They are tools that were given to us to protect us, at least the way I look at it, and in the context which we are talking about here. All I’m saying is give it a chance. Don’t go into a new relationship, whether in RL (Real Life) or online or wherever, expecting the worst and being totally paranoid and closed with the other person, because then you will never be happy. All I’m saying is give it a chance. Lower your defenses a little, even if it’s just for a bit. Sure you will probably be hurt a few times, but I think it will all be worth it if something meaningful comes about from the whole exercise.




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5 07 2008
Brian knott

I must agree. Lol. As the famous cliche says, no pain no gain! Man i feel like such a dumb jock now. Hahahahaha

6 07 2008

Yeah all fair enough I wouldn’t advise any different. Give it a chance, coz yeah you arent going to please everyone thats for sure. sometimes we allow ourselves to become too protected and then end up losing out. We follow what others say rather than what we feel, constantly worried about how, what and why? always making it complicated than it really is. the one thing I took away from this blog Mike (a great one by the way) is feeling the crappy bits prepare us for the unbelieveable. 😀

7 07 2008

Interesting, interesting.
Having been hurt before, I admit that it would be easier to shut one’s self off emotionally, but I’m not sure if that is advisable, or even possible. (Ooh, feel all shy now to be posting my feelings under my – gasp – real name).

Perhaps it is as Kahlil Gibran said in, “The Prophet”, that joy is sadness and sadness is joy and they are the same and they are opposites, but either way you can’t expect to ever be happy if you were never not. Hmmm… deep, hey?

14 01 2009
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