Mood Update

23 06 2008

Well after watching Balls of Fury, it seemed to have worked in taking my mind off the whole situation. Which is good. Feeling a lot better than earlier when I wrote that last post. Still not my usual bouncy self but at least I’m not on the verge of tears anymore, which I was at one stage.

Oh well, I think I’m going to go to bed now and see how much better I will feel after a night’s sleep. Usually seems to work, except for the times which it doesn’t, and I wake up feeling worse than the night before, last this morning. I think what happened then was that it caught up with me, and I had been delaying it since Friday night so as not to ruin my Saturday. But anyway.




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23 06 2008
Brian knott

Just my personal view, but i think its about dam time she started putting some effort into the relationship or meeting too. You cant keep on like this. As you say, if she was really interested she would communicate more. But i dont know. Its not cool .

24 06 2008

Readin both blogs, I seem to get the hint of this girl… Ok sorry I know but honesty is my best policy… Mike she seems like a Bitch!!! Sorry I had to be the one to say it… Yeah she screwed you around… So in life liking someone who makes you feel crappy and on the verge of tears is so not worth it. I know believe me. Mike I don’t think she is that into you!!! I know and you shouldn’t settle for her if she makes you feel terrible about yourself. Buck up champ!!! You are worth more than she seems to give you!!!!
“Putting people on pedastools isn’t the way, wouldn’t you rather want them standing beside you” – Jonathan Bosworth (a colleague)… (“,)

25 06 2008

Diversion therapy – I approve! 😉 Hopefully all you’ve got is a case of the blues at the moment – we all have that now and again. And remember, we’re all amazing people, and worth a lot more – and a lot less! – than we give ourselves credit for.

And here endeth the lesson! Sorry if I sound preachy – must be the meds kicking in!

7 07 2008

You know what is easy? To settle. You know what feels best? To avoid. You know what is horrible? To have to give up.
But, as an amazing friend once told me, “It is better to be a lot sad now, than to be a little sad every day forever.”

We are worth more than we would dare to imagine and don’t need any others to varify it.

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