Mood Swing

19 06 2008

Well right now I am feeling utterly terrible. One of my usual mood crashes (they happen about every two weeks or so), and as usual, set off by something arbitrary.

Anyway, I’m not going to blog about that though, because I’m depressed enough as it is. Rather, I’m going to blog about mood swings. This morning when I woke up everything was fantastic. I was on top of the world, basically. Everything was fluffy and white with silver linings everywhere. All that was part of a thing I had tried to do a while ago, in trying to see the good in everything, but anyway, I digress.

This afternoon something happened, and I just instantly swung from being happy to crashingly depressed. I don’t even know how it is possibly, but it was like a switch was flipped in my head that cut off all the happy chemicals from my brain.

But anyway, I will get over it. I always do. Usually takes me a night or two of sleep, but it happens. And this time will be no exception. So ya, don’t worry too much about me. (Don’t worry I know you weren’t going to anyway.)




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19 06 2008

Make sure you eat properly – low blood sugar can deepen a low mood. I know I’m worse when I’ve not eaten. Should eat now, but 3 of my housemates are in the kitchen and apart from that meaning there’s no room for me to cook, I’m not up for being crammed in there with their madness. Besides, I need to be writing up some teaching for Saturday. Procrastinating big time here! 😉

Hope you work through and out of it soon.

20 06 2008

Ah Mike… Mood swings happen when your body stops producing happy juice endorphines, to create the rush again try some yoga, or a jog your heart rate hieghtens and all is good and fluffy and silver linings again… sorry about the mood swing they arent nice… 🙂

7 07 2008

That sucks!! I know this was a while ago, but I think still think that it sucks. What I did last semester, on a really depressed day was to stay in bed (with my illegal electric blanket one) and lie there indulging in the absolute emptiness I experienced, my friends took it in shifts to check I hadn’t jumped and to bring choccies to me.

I guess what I’m suggesting is that you get an electric blanket.

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