Definition: Shun

12 06 2008

To shun is to simply turn your back on a person in a group. However, one person cannot shun another person, to be a proper shun, there must be at least three people taking part in the shunning.

It is considered highly embarrassing to be shunned, and usually one is shunned as a result of a faux pas, such a joke that didn’t work, saying something lame or saying something inappropriate. It should be noted however, that being shunned is not a serious thing, and is generally done in a light hearted manner and should not be taken personally at all.

To request a shun on somebody, simply say “Shun!” and then turn your back on the person. If there is enough support for your motion, others will join in your shun and turn their backs on the person too. If not, however, you will most likely be the only idiot attempting a shun and this may even lead to you being shunned!! So before you start a shun attempt, try and scope out the general atmosphere of the group. If after a comment was passed, everybody is sort of quiet and there’s a feeling of awkwardness in the air, the door may be wide open to shun.

If you’re the person being shunned, it’s OK, don’t feel bad. As mentioned above, it is just a friendly thing and will soon be forgotten. It’s best to make light of the situation by possibly hanging your head or showing some sign of mock remorse for your action.

The original occurrence (as far as I can tell) comes from a clip called Charlie the Unicorn by Jason Steele, which is pretty whack if you actually watch it.




One response

12 06 2008

SHUN THE NON BELIEVER..!!!!!! aahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…. its hilarious!!!!! Nice

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