A Special Kind of Stupid: Part 2

10 06 2008

Well this is a follow up to this post, where I told you the story of how I missed my one exam because I am an idiot. Well here is the story so far:

So I missed the exam and I spoke to some people at the university about my possible options. I was told by the one lady that if I handed in a sworn statement telling them what happened I would probably be allowed to write the supplementary exam and everything would be all hunky dory.

No Señor.

I went to the police and got a sworn statement and filled out the required forms and went to the lady to which I was supposed to hand them in to. She basically told me that they wouldn’t accept it as a good enough reason to let me write the supp, and that I should go get a doctor’s letter or a sworn statement saying that one of my relatives had died. Anyway, I didn’t and handed the thing in anyway and sure enough I got a call later that day telling me that my application had been rejected. In their words, “It’s not our problem, it’s yours.”

Well I think that’s absolutely stupid. They want me to lie to them is what they are basically telling me. They want me to go to the police and SWEAR something that isn’t true. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sit right with me. A lot of my friends have been telling me “whatever will work”, but again, I try and operate on an “honesty is the best policy” basis, and so I’m not going to lie to my doctor so he’ll give me a sick note or ask him to lie for me or lie to the police about a relative dying just so I can rewrite the exam.

Anyway, so my father is now going to fight them. His whole thing is that we are being honest here, and that it was a stupid mistake and it shouldn’t cost me six months of my life and him another few thousand rand to do the course again. And I agree with him. It’s absolutely rubbish, just because I stuffed up once.

So right now I am sitting with the horrible situation of having to redo the entire semester, pay for another entire semester, probably do the course at the same time as other courses, thus increasing the workload and probably making clashes with my other classes, resulting in another huge *%&@-up. Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask myself, “Why oh why didn’t you just get that date correct?”

Oh well, gotta keep positive right? More news as the situation develops.




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3 11 2016
uno guio

Interesting suggestions ! I Appreciate the specifics . Does someone know where my assistant might be able to grab a sample CA DMV DS 694 example to fill out ?

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