Another dream.

7 06 2008

So the other night I had another dream. This one was also pretty realistic, not like people flying and other stuff that doesn’t happen in real life happening.

Anyway, my friends and I were at this one place. I think we might have been on holiday or something, because it was just the four of us there, and we were having a really awesome party. But the neighbours had complained about the noise, so we had gone out into the street and pushed this really big log, like a tree trunk, towards their house. But instead of stopping just before the house or hitting the house, it apparently hit a really expensive glass vase or something of the like and smashed it to pieces, and they got pissed off and called the police.

Now we knew we were in really deep trouble. Like “go to jail for a few years” kind of trouble. I don’t know, must have been something really expensive that we broke? Anyway, my one friend decides he’s going to try and bail, and I followed him, mainly because I wanted him to stay there and face the music. Again, I don’t know, it’s the right thing to do I guess – taking responsibility for your actions and all that. Anyway, he’s quite a big guy, but he’s trying to climb through the barbed wire on top of the wall at the back of the property, and he wasn’t doing such a good job of it. Basically, he was stuck. Somehow, he could still get out though, and eventually I persuaded him to come back, and he did.

So anyway, we go back through the house, and our other two friends are at the front door, talking to the police. So we show up there and they start asking us questions and stuff. So we’re busy answering the police’s questions and giving statements etc, and there are sirens flashing from the police cars that have pulled up onto the front lawn, when suddenly this girl that I kinda, sorta like walks up and starts talking to me. Now, the thing is that she lives pretty far away (in the dream and in real life), so it was a total surprise to see her there. She apparently was riding along with the police, I think her dad was a cop or something? I can’t remember exactly why but anyway, there she was.

So just as we start talking, and it looks like the police are going to drop the whole thing, my alarm goes off and wakes me up. It was so frustrating, just as it was starting to get exciting. I felt like I had been cheated from watching the final ten minutes of a really good movie or something. It was also weird how vividly I remembered all the details, normally dreams are vague at best, and fade relatively quickly one you have awoken.




2 responses

7 06 2008

Its was just getting exciting I wanted to know the identity of the GIRL hahahaha Hint hint.. Only kidding.. Great post.. made me laugh

9 06 2008
Brian knott

Lol. Thats a messed up dream. Clearly some issues.

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