Traffic Musings

6 06 2008

Driving home today, I noticed a disturbing new trend. Maybe I missed the memo or something, but since when did people start breaking when the light turned green? Maybe I missed that page in the learner’s license book? I swear that at every robot that I got stuck behind people, the traffic only moves when the light has turned red.

I know that it is probably due to the accordion affect, you know, the time it takes for a person to realise that the traffic in front of them has started to move, put the car in gear, get clutch control, release the handbrake and step on the accelerator, but it seems so stupid that the traffic only moves on the red.

They say that there are so many cars in the country, pretty soon there will be more cars (in meters) than roads! Isn’t that scary! The thought that you may not even be able to move on the road, because there is so many cars all out driving at once. It scares me anyway.

In conclusion, traffic sucks and I hate it.




3 responses

7 06 2008

Yup, traffic sucks! As a non-car owner who takes the bus to work every day, past 2 major London train stations – traffic sucks! And you’re right, only seems to move on the red lights. Weird, huh?

9 06 2008
Brian knott

A problem easily solved by taking the stupid out of traffic. Ie humans. By making a car fully automated we have a situation at robots where all move at once and flow like electrons through a circuit. Well at least in its superficial manner

8 07 2008

You should try hooting at and flashing the car in front of you. I’m not sure, but I heard it’s effective.

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