A Dream Fulfilled

24 05 2008

This is a follow up to this post, just by the way.

So a while ago I posted about the amazing Playstation 3 Special that Incredible Connection was running. You remember, the 40gb console bundle with extra controller and 2 games for R4499.95? Ah, I see it’s all coming back to you now.

Well shortly after posting that, I went out to the local Incredible Connection to see if they still had any available. Well, they were closed, because it was a public holiday if I remember correctly, and they had closed at 2. Well, no matter, I thought, I will simply go out tomorrow and get one, because after all, everything I have read online suggests that the Playstation 3 is not a very popular console, and surely they won’t be sold out. Oh how wrong I was.

My brother actually saved the day, in a way. He got up earlier than me and phoned around to see if any of the local stores had any left in stock. It turned out that there was only one store in the entire Gauteng region which had this specific bundle left in stock. So anyway, we told them to keep it, and that we were coming over to check it out.

So we drove all the way to Westgate (not that far actually) and went into the store to see the physical bundle. Well, I had never actually seen a PS3 set up and out of it’s box before, and I can say that it was love at first sight. It was so shiny and smooth, with sensual, feminine curves and the amazing silver trim complementing the sexy “piano black” of the rest of this beautiful piece of hardware. The one downside was that this demo model was the very last unit in stock that we had been told about.

Well, in spite of her past, and the many people who had used her, she was still in pristine condition. I was a little hesitant to make  the final step, but the thought of leaving her there now that we had met seemed wrong to me. Besides, I realised that something this special is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I would come to regret it if I did not jump and take it. What else could I have done? Left her there, alone and defenseless, while all sorts of strangers fondled her joysticks and pushed her buttons? No, that’s not how I roll. I picked her up, helped her get dressed into her original packaging, and then, ever so gently, lifted her up into my arms and held her tight.

I took her to the front of the store, and paid her debts, thereby freeing her from the slavery of the store. Never again would she have to display herself in public, like some cheap XBox. No, now she was mine, and would always be mine.

So I took her home, set her up in her new home (she’s very happy by the way), and proceeded to get to know her a little better. She settled down right away, and didn’t even fight with her older sister, who I had won in a competition a few years earlier. However, even though there was no conflict for the TV’s attention, I knew that the older model Playstation would have to move into the cupboard for the time being, so as not to make my new baby jealous.

She’s been good to me, allowing me to play games with her, watch movies with her, listen to music with her, and even browse the internet over our Wi-Fi connection. I love her to pieces and will always remember that fateful day when my life changed. Even as I write, she is serenading me with a love ballad. So fitting.

I love you babe.






2 responses

24 05 2008
Brian knott

This is so funny and kind of scary! Lol!!!

25 05 2008

This post scares me… Mike *slaps cheek* Snap out of it…
*shakes head*….
However loved the description!!!!!!!!

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