South Africa’s Possible Future

30 04 2008

Call me pessimistic, but here is my possible version of what is going to happen to South Africa sometime in the next few years…

With 2010 looming on the horizon and all the projects still not completed (held up by BEE, corruption and load-shedding), the government will launch into one of it’s trademark attacks on the media, claiming that it is merely a puppet for rich, white racists who wish to see the country brought to it’s knees. Furthermore, it will claim that the media is playing no part in the “African Renaissance” and that it is not committed to the process of nation building. All this will contribute to the ANC / government passing a new law which severely restricts the freedom of the press. Already there is rumbling of such a law, for much the same reasons as those set out above…

Regardless, the law is pushed through, despite the objections of the opposition parties and the media itself, because the ANC majority is unstoppable. Under this new law, the media in South Africa would have to receive government clearance before anything could be published, broadcast or printed. As a result of the tough new laws, there is little competition to the SABC (already claimed to be biased towards the ANC), which then becomes essentially the only news outlet available, and thus broadcasts only ANC propaganda. All foreign journalists are banned from the country, because they are “telling lies” and deliberately conspiring to “bring the proud South Africa to her knees”.

All while this is happening, the white population is slowly being kept down, in the form of ridiculous laws such as gun control laws aimed to remove weapons from the hands of citizens, as well as other crazy micromanagement laws aimed at lowering the morale of the white man, and aiming to drive them out of the country peacefully. For all those remaining, they will be subject to acts of hostility such as land grabs, violent murders and rapes, and large scale looting, due to the largely uneducated masses of South Africa being swayed by the propaganda spouted by the ANC’s propaganda machine: the SABC.

The leader of the ANC / Government will quickly devolve into a dictatorship, with whoever ends up in charge clinging to power for as long as possible, much like Robert Mugabe has done up north in Zimbabwe. As this person gets older, they will become more paranoid and crazy (again like Mugabe), eventually inciting the entire country to rise up and destroy any and all remaining white people left in the country, claiming that they are on the verge of doing the same to the black majority in the country. Again, the largely uneducated masses will believe their struggle hero, and will go fetch their machine guns and comply with their leader’s wishes.

Thus, with the country now totally back in “native hands”, the fall of South Africa is essentially complete. Foreign countries will not get physically involved, for whatever reason (if they don’t get involved in Sudan or Zimbabwe, why should South Africa be any different?), and this will lead to the total crashing of the economy, as the economic sanctions effectively make South Africa starve. Of course, due to the land grabs, formerly productive farms are now useless and fallow, thus decreasing the crop output of the land.

They say that history has a way of repeating itself. The first few paragraphs happened (more or less) to the old National Party and the farm situation happened to Zimbabwe. Of course, this is a very pessimistic view of what may possibly happen, and of course, it will probably end up way different. However, if all this does happen, by some weird, messed up coincidence, let me say right now: I told you so.




3 responses

1 05 2008

I would like to share something with you. I am a Zimbabwean living in South Africa and these days I am getting intense feelings of dejavu.
I don’t know the solution to South African problems but all I can say is there is a danger of a populist leader hijacking the reigns of ANC

8 07 2008

OUCH, a little harsh, I’d say, with a fair number of assumptions and generalisations. Generally in contradiction with my positive opinion of the country.

I’d go so far as to say that it is this sort of (dare I say it?) mentality that limited our progress as a nation for so long.

8 07 2008

I totally agree. There are a hell of a lot of assumptions, generalisations and, depending on your viewpoint and personal definitions, racist motives in that post.
Don’t get me wrong, I want the best for South Africa, and that post was a very pessimistic view of a POSSIBLE future of what might happen.

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