I think I have problem …

18 04 2008

Have you ever, after receiving a large amount of bank notes, such as withdrawing money to pay for something, or on a birthday, organised them alphabetically according to their serial numbers? I have … with the money I got on my birthday. Does that make me weird? Do I have a problem? What’s the last obsessive compulsive thing that you’ve done? Or the worst?




2 responses

22 04 2008

Well i do my car thing, i count in prime numbers all the time, Take numbers in say the time or barcode etc to find a formula that will give me all the numbers in some sort of relation LOL

8 07 2008

LOL, that money thing is, well, OCD. I find it quite revealing though that you arrange them alphabetically, and not like in which of them look nicer, or, ag, well, I don’t know, seeing as how I don’t ever do that sort of thing.

I think the worst I’ve ever done is to have a good luck shower, and lots of other good luck stuffies.

My sis switches the lights on and off a couple of times before she goes to bed, but you didn’t hear it from me.

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