The Irony!

16 04 2008

So, over dinner, I’m sitting there bored (as usual) by my brother’s boring work stories. I swear, it’s all he ever talks about. Every single one of his stories starts with “Michael says” or “Mel says” or “Today Caitlin”. All these people I don’t know. They are his boss, his boss’ wife and their kid. I’m getting sick of hearing so much about them. Honestly: I don’t care.

But anyway, to the irony part. He’s telling a story about Caitlin, the three year old child, and how selfish she is at the moment, with no respect for other people, thinking that she owns the world and everything in it. Inside I was laughing at this, because who do you think has been talking over dinner the entire time? Boring everybody to tears about boring work stories, about people I don’t know or care about? That’s right. Oh, the irony.

In other news, I have a test tomorrow morning. Wish me luck, as I failed my last one, and I really need to do well in this one. I also have 11 panels of storyboard to do, which are due tomorrow as well. Lucky me. Those aren’t that urgent though, because I will have some free time tomorrow, after my test, which I think I will try get some work done.




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17 04 2008

Testing to see if i can post comments from my phone, through opera mini. This can probably be deleted if it does post

17 04 2008
How does it allow you


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