9 11 2007

I am depressed. Or something. So I decided to write a random blog like this one, hopefully it will cheer me up or something. Although I doubt it.

You know, when I was still single, I thought that having a girlfriend would be the most awesome thing in the whole world. I thought that it would be worth anything, any amount of money. But, now that I am in a relationship, I don’t know any more. What is wrong with me? Why can I never be happy? Is there always something wrong that makes me sad or am I just messed up. And what is with all these rhetorical questions. Honestly …

I don’t know what is wrong, so I can’t make it better. All my friends have gone to sleep like normal people, so I am left here all alone writing this. It’s one in the morning and I am still awake, and probably will still be for a while to come. I’m not tired in the conventional sense of the word, so if I go to sleep now, I will just lie there and get bored.

I effectively screwed myself over today. Here’s the story from the start. I registered on and the other day I got an email saying that there is a job opening for the December/January holidays, so I sent in my CV. A few days later I was told that the guy had forwarded it and would let me know if they wanted to set up an interview. So anyway, today I am watching a movie and my phone rings. I silence it, and then I get a message. I ignore it, because honestly, I’m watching a movie, you know? So then when the movie ends, I check the voice message, but I’m not really paying attention, so I hit the save button. Anyway, later on, I check the message again, but because I have pushed buttons to access the voicemail, my phone unlocks itself and I accidentally push the mute button on my phone, thus I miss the message. And then, in an act of supreme stupidity and retardedness, I push 5 instead of 4 and delete the damn message. So now I have no idea of the number that I should call to get hold of this guy. I’m such an idiot …

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