Why can’t I be happy?

20 10 2007

So, I am now (apparently) in a relationship. I thought that simply by virtue of being in a relationship I would be happy. But guess what: I’m not. Something is not right, I feel like I am being smothered – I don’t like all the “I miss you”s I get, even though I realise it is a sweet gesture. I feel like I am expected to give up a piece of myself to compete the transaction of the relationship. I feel like I have to sacrifice something, and I don’t like it.

What is wrong with me, why must I always find some reason to be unhappy? Am I just not ready for a relationship, and if this is the case, when will I be ready? I’m in the prime of my life right now, so the way I see it, it’s now or never. Am I doomed to be single for the rest of the life, or worse, in a relationship that I am not happy in? That’s not to say that I am not happy in this relationship, if it is even a relationship,but maybe we are a bit too close, too soon in the relationship, if that makes sense.

I mean, we see each other basically every day, and we are chatting to each other on Mxit the rest of the time. Is that too much pressure on a new relationship? I mean, there is that saying that familiarity breeds contempt, but come on, surely that is a sign that something is wrong? Or maybe I just have a problem with commitment. Maybe I truly am destined to be a bachelor my whole life.

Oh when you comment please enter your real name, I don’t like having to guess who posted which comment. Thanks. Oh yes another thing, there should be a review of Resident Evil: Extinction up on my review blog pretty soon. As in I’m going to go write it now after I post this. Go read it and comment and let me know what you think. OK here’s the link for those who still don’t know where it is … http://betthisisoriginalreviews.wordpress.com




4 responses

21 10 2007

Well i dont know. I think you are still trying to get used to it. But if you are feeling smothered then maybe speak to her about it. Its a dumb thing to break up over, or better i think just dont be so intense about it. Just let her say what she wants and

21 10 2007

Carry on being you. You may want to find out if you in a relationship. But i think you over thinking, you like her and she you obviously so stop stressing, you probably need to adjust i rate. Sorry about the two comments. They from my phone. This be brian

18 05 2008

Ah… ooohhhhh….. i missed this in the real context as it is more than 3 months but still leaving my 2c worth

31 08 2008

Mwahahahah! Brian’s comment is hilarious. “this be brian”
But, ja, this is the blog I was referring to when I said that day that you should tell me if I really upset or annoy you, so we can work on it. Kay, promise??

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