Friday Night Fun Times

6 10 2007

So Friday night, a night of general fun times and other cool stuff that usually happens. Well, in breaking the tradition of going to some or other club with my friends on a Friday, this Friday was different. For you see, this Friday, I spent Friday evening with a girl. Yes that’s right, a girl. A female. A woman.

Her name is Angie (for those who don’t know) and she’s pretty cool. I suppose you could say that it was a date, and I suppose it is, depending on how you describe a date. Let me tell you what happened. Basically, we stayed in at her place (she has like her own flat that is separate from the main house where the rest of her family stays), got some pizza and watched some dvds. Nothing too exciting or even that good, just Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto and Employee of the Month. As I mentioned, nothing that exciting. The pizza was good though.

So there you have it. A new blog and information on my life. How exciting. You know what to do …




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13 10 2007


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