20 09 2007

Dear South African Cricket

I don’t think I can do this anymore. I get so excited, thinking that you are so much stronger than the last one. That this year is going to be the year when you win a trophy. Every time I get my hopes up and every time, without fail, they are dashed into the jagged rocks of reality.

I can’t remember exact dates for when all the heartbreaks occured, but there was that one time we needed 22 off 1 ball. The other time was the infamous Donald mix up where both batsmen were at the same end of the pitch. Then there was the Duckworth-Lewis stuff up, where the umpires didn’t allow a messenger from the changing rooms to deliver the correct score needed to win by Duckworth-Lewis. And the last two tournaments were such a disaster I have blocked them from my memory.

So you see South Africa, I just can’t take another horrible crushing of my spirit. I don’t think we should see each other any more. I have found somebody new, somebody who meets and exceeds my expectations. Yes that’s right, from now on I am supporting Australia, a team of winners. They are unburdened with the loser complex that you have. That’s right I said it.

So I’m sorry it had to end like that, but that’s just how it goes. Maybe, sometime in the future, we can get back together and maybe I will support you again. That is if you actually ever manage to win a major tournament. Call me again after the 2009 T20 tournament in England and we’ll talk again.

Sincerly yours





2 responses

23 09 2007

That is so funny but sadly true

28 09 2007

I read your myspace blog, good choice of lyrics, I’m sorry for Rose, and for falsely presenting myself to you, and for how messed up I am, thanks for not like instantly killing me when you saw me at the lan, it was actually wierd seeing you again, sorry if kat’s music bothered anyone, I should have found some earphones. I’ll see if I can get that add on pack for Frets on fire for you (cause you seem to like the game so much). Look I understand that you’re upset with me because of Rose, but I dunno, I created her because u werent talking to me at that stage and I still needed to talk to you, I’m sorry, I know it was wrong. I mean, I could have just closed rose’s account and never have revealed myself, but it wasn’t fair, since I had invaded your privacy. I see that you’ve made your mind up to never reconcile, but I hope that I can change enough one day that I’ll be able to be considered your friend again. Oh and in case you’re wondering why my tone has changed again since my last email to you, its because my thoughts are all messed up and I cant make up my mind. I’d like to blame it on too much pressure and depression, but I dont even know myself sometimes. Good luck with that girl, and with your exams. Once again, sorry.

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