Guitar Hero and other rantings.

17 09 2007

My mind is working rather fast right now so I’m going to rant about a lot of different stuff.

Firstly, Guitar Hero. I played it on Saturday at Mayhem and it has been haunting me ever since. Amazing game from the 10 odd times that I played it. Simply awesome especially with the guitar controller, which is amazingly easy to pick up. Think DDR except you feel more like a rock star than an idiot. And a lot cooler as well. If only I had money to buy it for myself. Which brings me to my next point.

Money. I hate it, as does everybody who doesn’t have it. I need a job or something to get more money, but I don’t want to actually sacrifice my free time or put extensive effort into actually working. If anybody knows of any jobs open for like a reviewer I would love to hear about them, just post a comment please.

Then, there is this girl at varsity that seems to like me quite a bit. Her name is Angie and she’s quite nice. We speak on Mxit quite often and she seems really into me, flirting quite a bit. I assume it flirting anyway, I am quite blind when it comes to these sort of things. I am a bit hesitant to go into a relationship with her however, as she does not share the same core beliefs as I do. Also, I am not really infatuated with her, although now that I think about it, that might be a good thing. <cough> Tristyn <cough>. Ahem. Anyway I’ll update that story when something happens and I feel like it.

Right now I should be studying, but I’m not. I’m procrastinating by blogging. How annoying. How strange that I can watch an episode of Family Guy and remember about 80% of the jokes and about 60% of the dialogue, but not remember what my last test was about. Actually it’s not strange because our brains use a different system to remember different things. I read that somewhere, not sure where, but basically, when we watch a movie or read a book, our brains are more inclined to store it in our long term memory where we can discuss it later with our friends. However, if we read a textbook or other material that we need to study, our brains feel they don’t need to remember it that badly, and thus it is basically forgotten as soon as the words are written on the test paper. Quite amazing actually.

Right here is the space that I would put what I am supposed to be studying, but to be honest I don’t think anybody is interested in reading that, else they would be studying it.

Anyway I think I have jabbered enough for now, so I will get back to my books and try and study some more. Wish me luck for my test tomorrow.




3 responses

18 09 2007
Well i think it depends on your attitude towards the subject. I remember most study material better than books.

Read the heading. Lol

19 09 2007

Why does nobody read your blog

19 09 2007

I don’t know. I assume because it is not advertised enough so nobody knows about it. Why do you suddenly ask?

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